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Creating a Connected App with permissions in Saleforce

  • Login to your Salesforce account. Ensure that the user account with which you log in has API Enabled.
  • Note:

    Please make sure you have the Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on license to fetch and analyze Salesforce logs in Cloud Security Plus.

    Make sure you enable the below permissions incase of using a non-admin user :

    Permissions required:

    1. View event log files (for collecting event logs)
    2. View setup and configuration (for collecting audit logs)
    3. View role and role hierarchy(for collecting audit logs)
  • Navigate to Setup Build CreateApps Connected Apps.
  • Click on New and fill in the Connected App Name, Contact Email, and Callback URL.
  • Creating a Connected App

  • Enable the OAuth Settings and grant full access.
  • Click Save. The Connected App will be created. Click Continue to view the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  • Creating a Connected App

  • Navigate to Setup Administer Manage Apps Connected Apps.
  • Click on the newly created Connected App. Relax IP restictions under OAuth Policies > IP Relaxation.

    Creating a Connected App

  • Click Save.

How to get the salesforce-client-url:

  • Open the login Page of Salesforce and copy the login URL.
    For instance,
  • Paste the URL in the Login URL field in the format, Ensure that login. is added after https:// in the Salesforce login URL..

Creating a Connected App

Enter Salesforce credentials in the Cloud Security Plus console

  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Select the Cloud Type as Salesforce.
  • Enter a Display name in the given box.
  • Enter the username, password, client ID (Consumer Key), and client secret (Consumer Secret) and Login URL in the given fields to enable Cloud Security Plus to start collecting logs.