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Logging setup

Product features

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Product settings

Report actions

Customize reports

You can choose the various details that you wish to view with the Add/ Remove Columns option.

The number of results displayed for each page of the report can also be changed. You can choose to view 25, 50, 75 and 100 results per page.

Export reports

All the predefined reports can be exported in various formats including PDF, CSV, HTML and XLS.

Schedule reports

In Cloud Security Plus, report generation can be automated by scheduling the reports at specific time intervals. It can also be configured to automatically email the report at the desired time intervals or saved at a user defined storage path.

A Scheduler creation The first step of creating a scheduled report, wherein you enter the schedule name, description, choose the cloud type and account.
B Select reports Select one or more "Available Reports" to be scheduled by clicking on the ">>" link. These reports are added to the "Selected Reports."
C Schedule report frequency The "Selected Reports" can be scheduled on a 'Daily', 'Weekly' 'Monthly' basis or as a "One time job"
D Schedule report format The scheduled reports can be extracted in 'pdf', 'xls', 'html', or 'csv' formats. They are stored at the default "File Path" or as entered by an administrator.
E Email notification The scheduled report can be e-mailed to any email-id as entered in the "To address" box on providing a check against "Email this scheduled report".

A. Scheduler creation

  1. Navigate to Reports → Schedule New Report.
  2. Enter the Schedule Name and the Description for the schedule in the respective text boxes.
  3. Select the Cloud Type and Account from the drop-down.

B. Select reports

  1. Select a report(s) from the list of Available Reports, click on the >> link against the respective reports to move it to the Selected Reports column.
  2. On clicking the << link, the reports listed under the Selected Reports column are unselected and moved to the Available Reports column.

C. Schedule report frequency

Frequency Description
Daily Enter the time at which this report has to run every day. With the data being fetched 24 hours from time of schedule (or) The previous day (0:00 hours to 23:59 hours).
Weekly Enter the day and time at which the report generation is to be scheduled every week. With the data being fetched 7 days from day of schedule (or) The previous week (Sunday to Saturday).
Monthly Enter the day and time at which the report generation has to be scheduled every month. With the data being fetched 30 days from day of schedule (or) The previous month (Day 1 to Day 30).
One time job If you want to generate the report just once, enter the specified time at which it has to be generated.

D. Schedule report format

The scheduled reports can be stored in pdf, xls, html, or csv formats by selecting the format of choice from the drop down menu . You can specify the file path by clicking on the File Path link.

  1. The default file path is C:\ManageEngine\latest demo\CloudSecurity\exports. The user can enter any desired storage path for the scheduled reports.
  2. Click on Export Format to choose the report format.

E. Receiving reports via email

  1. Provide a check against Email this scheduled report under Email Notification section.
  2. Specify email address in the text box that is displayed.
  3. Click on Save.