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Cloud Security Plus has an easy to understand warning mechanism to alert you when anomalous events occur. Severity indicates the degree of impact associated with an event. Cloud Security Plus provides 3 different severity levels viz.,

  • Attention
  • Trouble
  • Critical

The degree of severity to be associated with an alert profile is decided by the administrator while setting up the alert profile.

Create a new alert profile

  1. Navigate to Alerts→ Alert Configuration→  Create Alert Profile.
  2. Enter the Name and Description of the alert profile.
  3. Select the Severity of the alert profile.
  4. Select the Cloud Account.
  5. Choose the Log type.
  6. Use the Filters to specify the alert criteria.
  7. In addition, you can configure Threshold based alerts to be sent when the stipulated number of events occur within the specified time.
  8. Check the Send E-mail Notification check box and enter the recipient email addresses to receive notifications via mail.
  9. Click on Save to create the new alert profile.