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Microsoft 365 Distribution Groups Report

M365 Manager Plus elevates Microsoft 365 group reporting to a whole new level with its extensive preconfigured reports. This web-based tool lets you have separate reports on both security and distribution groups to help you better manage your Microsoft 365 environment.

As distribution groups are indispensable for fast and efficient communication within your Microsoft 365 environment, it is absolutely paramount to keep their information up to date. However, if you're relying on Microsoft 365's native tools and PowerShell scripts, that becomes difficult. Native tools lack the detail you need, and PowerShell is hard to use. M365 Manager Plus offers a better alternative to these traditional methods with its script-free approach to accessing distribution group information.

M365 Manager Plus' distribution groups report gives you a detailed look at every distribution group created within your organization. The information in this report will help you manage your environment and further enhance communication by showing you when to add or delete distribution groups.

This report lists all your distribution groups along with the following information:

  • Group display name
  • Group ID
  • Group type
  • Common name of the group
  • Group email address
  • License information
  • Group owner
  • Group proxy address
  • Time of last directory sync
  • Validation status

You can export this report in PDF, XLSX, HTML, and CSV file formats. You can also schedule when the report should be generated and have it sent to your email in your desired file format.

M365 Manager Plus' built-in filters help you get more in-depth information from the distribution groups report. For example, if you want to take a closer look at the distribution group catering to the needs of your sales team, all you have to do is set the relevant filter and M365 Manager Plus will dispense information on that particular group. It even lets you save that information as a separate report that can then be viewed along with all the other preconfigured reports.

M365 Manager Plus' distribution groups report provides a clear picture of every distribution group in your environment with a single mouse click.

View built-in reports on Microsoft 365 distribution lists in a click!

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