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ADManager Plus Features

  • Management

  • Reports

  • Delegation / Workflow

  • Automation

  • Backup and recovery

Active Directory Management

Streamline management operations such as creation, modification, deletion, delegation, and automation for bulk accounts in Active Directory (AD).

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AD Bulk User Management

Using CSV files, modify user attributes in bulk, reset passwords and move users and user objects in bulk.

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Active Directory Bulk User creation

Create & deploy users in bulk with all attributes including exchange mailbox & terminal services & assign them to groups using CSV import.

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Active Directory Bulk User modification

Reset passwords, unlock users, move users, delete/enable/disable users, add to and remove from groups and modify attributes including exchange and terminal services in bulk.

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Inactive/Disabled User Account Management

Clean up your AD by generating a list of inactive or disabled accounts and easily delete, enable or move them.

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Group Management

Perform bulk group management by creating/moving/deleting/modifying groups, members in groups and distribution lists and configure organization and exchange attributes.

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Management From Reports

Generate, schedule and export over 200 complete and comprehensive pre-installed reports on your Active Directory infrastructure.

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Active Directory Password Management

Reset multiple user accounts passwords, configure password settings and enable/disable users whose passwords expire.

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AD migration

Seamlessly migrate AD users, groups, contacts, and GPOs across AD forests with or without the AD Migration Tool.

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Mobile Active Directory User Management

Reset passwords, enable, disable, unlock and delete user accounts from your mobile iOS or Android device.

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Active Directory Computer Management

Create computers, enable, disable and move computers in bulk and change their general attributes and group memberships in bulk.

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Microsoft 365 Management and Reporting

Manage and generate reports on users & groups in your Microsoft 365 setup and Active Directory from a single console using ADManager Plus.

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Template/CSV Based Management

Create and modify bulk user accounts including exchange attributes by applying customized templates or by importing CSV data.

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Active Directory Contact Management

Create, modify and delete Active Directory contacts in bulk using templates or CSV based import and also export contacts.

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Active Directory Group Policy Management

Manage multiple GPOs in your AD by enabling/disabling, enforcing/unenforcing, managing GPO inheritance and linkages.

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Terminal Services Management

Modify terminal services home folder, profile path, start programs, session duration and remote settings for multiple user accounts.

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Active Directory OU (Organizational Unit) Management

Manage OUs (organizational units) in Active Directory in bulk easily; Create, modify, move or delete multiple OUs at once from a web-based console, using only mouse clicks.

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Google Workspace Provisioning

Provision user accounts in Google Workspace and Active Directory in bulk or single instance simultaneously using a single console.

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AD User Photo Management

Upload, crop or edit, replace and remove profile pictures of a single AD user, multiple users in a OU, or all Active Directory users at once.

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AD File Permissions Management

Active Directory File Permissions Management

Manage NTFS and share permissions for folders and files by tightening access controls of users in bulk in Active Directory.

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Active Directory NTFS Permissions Management

Manage NTFS permissions for users in bulk by modifying, revoking and organizing permissions in a few clicks.

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Windows Share Permissions Management

Control user access and activity on shares in the organization by modifying and revoking permissions to folders and server shares.

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MS Exchange Management

Exchange Server Management

Manage Microsoft Exchange Server and AD from a single console with runtime mailbox provisioning, deprovisioning and delegation.

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Mailbox Creation in Microsoft Exchange Servers

Simplify provisioning by bulk mailbox creation and multi-mode operation for Exchange Server ?2003 and 2007/2010/2013 versions and Office 365 from a single console.

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Set Mailbox Rights in Microsoft Exchange Servers

Using a single click, set mailbox rights in bulk using templates and manage Exchange Servers 2003 and 2007/2010/2013 from a single console.

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Disable/Delete Exchange Mailbox In Microsoft Exchange

Disable and delete bulk mailboxes while simultaneously deprovisioning user accounts, all from a single console in just a click.

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Distribution List Reports

Extract complete data on distribution lists with reports such as distribution groups, distribution list members and non-distribution list members reports.

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Exchange Server Mailbox Migration

Migrate bulk mailboxes to the required Exchange Server in just a few clicks along with the convenience of delegation of migration tasks.

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Microsoft Exchange Policy Management

Apply multiple Exchange policies like sharing policy, role assignment policy, retention policy, UM policy and ActiveSync policy at one go.

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Shared Mailbox Management

Create and modify shared mailboxes in on-premises Exchange Server, as well as, cloud-based Office 365.

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Dynamic Distribution Group Creation

Create dynamic distribution group and configure all its attributes at once, in all Exchange versions.

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Remote Mailbox Creation

Configure remote mailboxes in Exchange while creating new AD accounts for users, individually, as well as, in bulk.

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Room and Equipment Mailbox Management

Create new resource mailboxes in Exchange & Office 365, modify resource mailboxes in Exchange.

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