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DC Replication Status report

Check and force Active Directory replication with ManageEngine ADManager Plus

Active Directory (AD) replication is essential for ensuring that changes made to your AD environment are distributed across all domain controllers. However, there may be times when replication fails, causing issues with authentication, resource access, and other problems. To ensure that AD replication is working correctly, administrators need to check the replication health periodically and force the action when required. One tool that can help with this is ManageEngine ADManager Plus. In this page, we'll discuss what ADManager Plus is, how it works, and how to use it to check and force AD replication.

What is ManageEngine ADManager Plus?

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based AD management and reporting tool. It helps administrators manage AD users, computers, groups, and other objects from a single console. ADManager Plus also provides several features to monitor and manage AD replication, including checking replication status and forcing DC replication.

How does ManageEngine ADManager Plus work?

ManageEngine ADManager Plus works by connecting to the AD domain controllers and collecting information on AD objects and their replication status. The tool provides a web-based console that administrators can use to manage AD objects, create reports, and monitor replication health.

How to use ManageEngine ADManager Plus to check and force AD replication

ADManager Plus has a built-in Replication Status report. The report takes all or the specified destination domain controllers in your AD environment and displays their respective replication status. The replication status of both the source and destination domain controllers appears in a color-coded format. Green indicates that replication is healthy, yellow indicates a warning, and red indicates an error.

This report comes with the following views:

  • AD replication status: Shows the count of AD replications with and without errors and the replications with critical errors.
  • Destination DC status: Shows the count of destination DCs with and without errors.
  • Source DC status: Shows the count of source DCs with and without errors.
  • Overview chart: Shows the number of replications that are successful, have warnings, and have critical errors. This chart provides a DC-based and error-code based view as well.

All the error codes are calculated based on the tombstone lifetime mentioned at the bottom of the replication status table.

DC Replication Status report

If there are any failed replications shown in the report, check the Last Sync Message column. It displays the replication errors along with the resolution. Solve the issue and click the Force Replication option available in the report to force AD replication. No need to log in to your DC or use command line interface and PowerShell.

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