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Contacts Reports

Active Directory Contacts Reports

Managing Active Directory (AD) contacts is one of the major activities of any AD administrator. Though not part of your organization, the contacts are still vital for your business; managing and maintaining information about them such as the email, address, organization, phone numbers, etc. is an important activity for any AD administrator. ADManager Plus' contact reports help an administrator to be on top of all the information about contacts like the list of all contacts and list of all mail enabled contacts with any information that they would like to know including the location, company, groups that the contact belongs to, etc.

With its easy-to-use features, web-based access, and easy-to-understand UI, ADManager Plus makes generating and exporting reports on AD contacts a simple, hassle-free, efficient process. Our AD contact reporting and management tool offers the following preconfigured reports:

These reports can be generated and exported on demand in multiple formats, such as PDF, Excel (XLS), CSV, and HTML, or even scheduled for the entirety of one or more AD domains or any specific containers. ADManager Plus contact reports are completely customizable, providing you with exactly the information you need. For example, their results can be filtered to show the memberOf attributes of contacts.

The reports can be generated in just a few mouse clicks. You can also perform AD contact management operations directly from the reports. ADManager Plus' comprehensive contact reporting capabilities extend to Microsoft 365 as well.

Explore all the contact management features and reports in this Active Directory tool using the free download of the trial version which offers full access to all the features for 30 days.

All Contacts

Administrators would like to periodically get to know the complete list of contacts in their AD. ADManager Plus's All Contacts Report is just the perfect and easy way out for any administrator to keep track of all the contacts in their entire AD or any specific domain(s) or OU(s) and also to know whether a contact exists, where does the contact exist, etc.

Mail Enabled Contacts

Mail Enabled Contacts reports help the administrators to fetch the list of all Mail Enabled Contacts in their entire Active Directory or any domain(s) or OU(s) of interest and they can also search for a specific contact from this report.

Recently Created Contacts

The administrators can retrieve the report containing contacts in any domain(s) or OU(s) of interest which were created over a specified period of time, i.e, Custom Range, Last N days, etc.

Recently Modified Contacts

The administrators can fetch the report which contains contacts which were modified in any domain(s) or OU(s) of interest over a specified period of time, i.e, Today, This week, etc.

Recently Deleted Contacts

This feature allows the administrators to obtain the report of contacts which were deleted over a specified period of time, i.e , Before N days, On a date, etc. in a particular domain(s) or OU(s).

ADManager Plus is compatible with Microsoft Windows Active Directory 2000/2003 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/10. To explore all the features in ADManager Plus, download the free trial.

Highlights of ADManager Plus' contact reporting capabilities:

  • Generate in-depth information on AD contacts via pre-configured, script-free reports.
  • Schedule contact reports at specific times.
  • Export contact reports to HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, and CSVDE formats.

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Access out-of-the-box reports on Active Directory contacts with ADManager Plus.

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