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Download Password Manager Pro 8.5

Important: The latest PMP version is 8.5 (Build 8503). If you are using earlier versions, you need to apply upgradepack. See What's New in PMP 8.5?

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Note : Read the License Agreement before downloading this software.

Evaluation Edition allows you to have 2 administrators for 30 days. You can manage unlimited resources and evaluate all features of Enterprise Edition. For information on licensing details and difference between Standard, Premium and Enterprise Editions, click here.


Password Manager Pro.exe 32-bit bef070c89c205a1f1a7a208233411c99
Password Manager Pro.exe 64-bit 9b982619235c33ff4c82852c6f0d58ec

Password Manager Pro.bin 32-bit 507cfd77a2d6e2d55c38bff28cd79627
Password Manager Pro.bin 64-bit fad728a24b02ce8adedec4c4de6e46a1

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