Password Manager Pro


Enterprise Password Management Software

Remote Password Reset

PMP helps organizations store the passwords of their enterprise resources in a centralized location. Password Management deals with not just storing of passwords, but also resetting the passwords. When the passwords are changed in PMP, it should be immediately reset in the resource and vice-versa. PMP helps in remote password synchronization.

Existing passwords of remote resources can be changed from PMP itself and the changed passwords are stored in the repository. PMP can change the passwords currently for Windows, Windows Domain, Linux, IBM AIX, HP UNIX, Solaris, Mac OS, MS SQL server, MySQL Server, Oracle DB Server, Sybase ASE, HP ProCurve devices and Cisco Devices (IOS, CatOS, PIX).

Remote reset can be done in two ways - by deploying PMP agents in remote hosts and through agent-less mode. Reset action could be automated by configuring schedules. Notifications are sent to to the required recipients before and after automatic reset.

Customer Speaks

"Password Manager Pro is an excellent choice for password management.
The application is reliable, dependable, and the support is fantastic. I am confident in the security the application provides at a fraction of the cost of alternatives."

Don Garvey, Director of Operations BlueVault, USA.