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Success Stories

Password Manager Pro has earned the business and goodwill of scores of customers worldwide. Its deployment has immensely benefitted businesses in many ways. The following are a few samples:

Virtualization Platform Provider

The R&D division of a US-based virtualization platform provider,global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions serving over 300,000 customers deploys ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to solve virtual security challenges by controlling access to hundreds of physical devices and thousands of VMs and vApps.

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Nova, lceland's Leading 3G Mobile Service Provider Uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro for Secure, Automated, Policy-Driven and Centralized Password Management; Replaces Insecure Traditional Practices

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Netherland’s Top Research University Consolidates and Streamlines Privileged Password Management Processes using Password Manager Pro: Manual Password Management Processes like maintaining privileged passwords on paper in a safe proved highly inefficient at Wageningen UR and drove users to create individual password management solutions. Wageningen UR replaced traditional, hardcopy password management practices using ManageEngine Password Manager Pro achieving improved operational efficiency & internal controls.

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Australian Catholic University, one among the premier institutions in Australia uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to provide web-based, centralized access to privileged passwords to its geographically disparate IT team; implements password access control and enhances internal security.

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Retail Distribution & Re-Distribution

GoFrugal Technologies, which specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to securely store privileged passwords in a centralized system and strengthen security of the IT infrastructure.

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Customer Speaks

"Password Manager Pro is an excellent choice for password management.
The application is reliable, dependable, and the support is fantastic. I am confident in the security the application provides at a fraction of the cost of alternatives."

Don Garvey, Director of Operations BlueVault, USA.