Advanced analytics for knowledge base management.

As self-service help desks become the norm, help desk managers need to ensure the solutions in their knowledge base repository are contextual, relevant, and deliver true value to the end user.

The advanced analytics for knowledge base module helps you objectively inspect and analyze how effective knowledge base solutions are, so you can periodically revamp your solutions to keep them relevant.

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Advanced analytics for knowledge base management

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Understand user behavior.

Track usage metrics of popular solutions. See who's using which solutions and how often; use these numbers to better understand what your customer base needs, and take steps to tailor all future solution content around similar topics.

Measure self help success.

Correlate top searches and articles with tickets that are resolved using knowledge base articles to see how effectively self-help initiatives cut down on technician workload and improve productivity.

Identify areas of improvement.

Directly aid customers in their self-help efforts by tracking the top search terms and frequently used articles and creating new or similar knowledge base articles on these topics.

Note for existing users: To enable these modules, make sure your applications are in the following builds:

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