Analytics for service desk project management.

Plan, execute, monitor, measure, and control your IT projects from a central console using Analytics Plus.

With increased visibility into multi-project metrics and project portfolios, you can prioritize projects and optimize resource allocation to improve service delivery and streamline project management.

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Analytics for service desk project management

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Examine past projects to better plan current projects.

Connect with your project data from the past and present. Look back at old project data to analyze past IT project trends and project schedules for anomalies so you can take steps to eliminate those risks in current projects.

Manage project timelines.

Build burn down or burn up charts to visually track project timelines. Easily identify gaps in performance and make plans to optimize people and processes to stay on schedule and meet project deadlines.

Gain total control of IT projects.

Get a comprehensive view of tasks from multiple IT projects. Identify and understand task relationships, monitor task progress, track individual performance, and lead your projects to success.

Plan for unprecedented changes.

Don't let last-minute customer requirements derail your project schedule. Get strategic project insights and make contingency plans for unplanned changes or requests to avoid project delays.

Note for existing users: To enable these modules, make sure your applications are in the following builds:

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