Track request history with advanced analytics.

Solve even your toughest request tracking problems with Analytics Plus. Get visual clues into the journey of requests from start to finish. Chart a timeline for a request's life cycle, identify hold-ups that stall request queues, and create streamlined workflows to improve SLA compliance, resolution times, and end-user wait times.

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Track request history with advanced analytics

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Understand the complete history of your requests.

Look into key transition metrics such as the number of status transitions per request or average handling time in various stages, and use this information to measure your help desk's overall efficiency.

Correlate request history and SLA compliance.

Visually track each modification that transpired for a request, from the time it entered your system until the time it was resolved. Analyze this timeline to figure out how each modification impacts your SLAs, and see how you can improve SLA percentages by reducing unnecessary request transitions.

Reduce frequent technician reassignments.

Analyze the nature of frequently reassigned and stalled requests to identify any gaps in your technicians' knowledge or skill sets, and explore viable options for training and development to improve the expertise of your technicians and reduce frequent request reassignments.

Avoid request backlog.

Visualize the trend of request flow across different statuses to spot bottlenecks where most requests stagnate. Identify red zones that can seriously impact SLAs, and mend your workflows as needed.

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