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What's new in Analytics Plus in Q2 2021?

July 20, 2021
10am AEST | 10am GMT | 10am PST

Presented by:
Anand Kodi, Manager, Customer success team
Gunasekaran U, Presales Manager


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Join us for a free webinar to discover the latest updates from Analytics Plus, and to learn how these features can help you achieve your IT objectives.

During the session, we'll discuss some of the new features of Analytics Plus launched in this quarter including:

  1. Application high availability
  2. Enhancements in Zia—conversational support, Zia for dashboards etc.,
  3. Replicate reports from one workspace into another using report templates
  4. Viewer mode for clutter-free report/dashboard viewing
  5. Options to customize forecasting models
  6. Tabs for dashboards and more

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July 20, 2021

10am AEST | 10am GMT | 10am PST

Duration 1 hour


Anand Kodi

Manager, Customer success team

About Anand Kodi

Anand has over 10 years of experience in the enterprise IT analytics domain. He currently heads the customer success team at Analytics Plus. His primary focus is to help customers around the world successfully implement Analytics Plus and leverage advanced analytics to streamline IT operations.

Gunasekaran U

Presales Manager

Gunasekaran U

Gunasekaran heads the presales team at Analytics Plus. He is interested in helping customers discover the untapped potential of IT data by leveraging analytics to work in tandem with their existing IT applications.