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Azure Active Directory Auditing and Monitoring

Azure AD holds an important role in many organizations. But with many security attacks popping up recently and industry regulatory bodies wielding unprecedented power, even the smallest transgressions in your Azure AD environment can land your organization in rough waters. So, it goes without saying that you should keep track of everything that happens in your Azure AD environment.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Microsoft 365 isn't at its best when it comes to ensuring a hassle-free auditing experience for administrators. With many security and compliance issues looming, you need a straightforward way to audit Microsoft 365, saving precious time for your IT team. M365 Security Plus offers exactly that.

M365 Security Plus: A Secured Azure AD

M365 Security Plus is an exclusive Microsoft 365 security solution that gives you a comprehensive view of your Azure AD environment. With M365 Security Plus, you'll never miss any activity carried out by your users and administrators. That way, it lends you a helping hand in turning any adverse event on its head. With instant alerts, M365 Security Plus also gives you a head start to thwart any internal or external security threats and maintain the health of your directory.

M365 Security Plus' out-of-the-box Azure AD auditing features help you:

  • Track user creation, modification, and deletion carried out in Azure AD.
  • Gain complete visibility into all successful and failed login attempts made by users.
  • Audit information updates like password resets, changes, or forced changes, as well as credential modifications.
  • Monitor administrator and empowered user activities in Azure AD.
  • Get valuable information on who made what changes to licenses, when, and from where.
  • Comply with many industry compliance mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX, and more.

What makes M365 Security Plus special?

360-degree reporting

Make informed decisions with in-depth, preconfigured reports on all audits of your Azure AD environment. With M365 Security Plus, all your audit logs are presented as clear, summarized reports. Export reports in multiple file formats such as CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML. Modify audit reports using built-in filters and save the information you need as separate, custom reports.

Break the 180-day barrier

In Microsoft 365, all audit trails are purged after 180 days. However, most industry compliance mandates require companies to store these audit logs for years, facilitating forensic log analysis in case any issues crop up. M365 Security Plus lets you stay ever-compliant (and avoid hefty penalities) by storing your Azure AD audit logs as long as you want. It's you running the show here and not the other way around.

Hassle-free auditing

Save time auditing your Azure AD using M365 Security Plus. In Microsoft 365, you have to punch in all your audit criteria—such as category, time frame, which users to audit, user activities, etc.—every single time you want to look at the audit logs. This is because Microsoft 365 doesn't have any reporting mechanism in place; instead, they only provide you with a log-search interface. M365 Security Plus helps you conveniently bypass this by presenting you with audit logs as readily available reports. Input your requirements just once and view them any time you want.

Group-based auditing

Gain complete insight into all group members' actions with M365 Security Plus. While you can search individual users' actions in Microsoft 365, there's no way to view group members' activities as a whole. Rather than search for group members individually, you can create group audit profiles in M365 Security Plus to run reports for entire groups all at once.

Filters and views

Bid adieu to your native Microsoft 365 environment's stone age filters. M365 Security Plus enables you to filter your Azure AD audit reports at the attribute level, letting you see only the data you want. You can even create a separate view based on your filtered reports. For instance, use our built-in attribute-level filters to audit a specific user's successful logons and save the report as a new view. Or create a new view to get a summary of all activities in your Azure AD environment.

Profile-based auditing

Audit profiles help you stay up-to-date on all actions carried out in your Azure environment. Create profiles for a set of individual users or members of a specific group that you want to monitor. Once created, these profiles will dispense the latest information on who did what, when, and to whom. You can then access this information anytime you want. For example, you can create an audit profile to keep track of all modifications made by your administrator to a specific user.

Instant alerts

Stay well-informed about everything happening in your Azure AD environment by creating alerts for activities that need immediate attention. M365 Security Plus lets you configure alert profiles for sending customized messages to administrators when specific actions happen inside your Azure setup. These alerts also dispense information like the severity of the triggered action, who performed the action, the time it occurred, and more.

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