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Exchange Online Auditing and Monitoring

Any organization's Exchange Online environment houses a large amount of confidential data. With hackers always ready to attack, things can quickly spiral out of control. For security and compliance purposes, it's important to stay vigilant by auditing and monitoring every facet of Exchange Online. Even the smallest transgression in your seemingly well-guarded and monitored Exchange Online infrastructure could severely damage your organization's reputation. Microsoft 365, with all its great features, leaves something to be desired when it comes to auditing Exchange Online.

Redefining Exchange Online auditing

Enter M365 Security Plus. This exclusive Microsoft 365 security tool gives you a panoramic view of everything happening in your Exchange Online environment to help you make informed decisions. Audit not only mailbox accesses, but public folder accesses, contact changes, and permission changes as well.

Use M365 Security Plus's Exchange Online auditing feature to view:

  • Accesses and changes made to mailbox properties by administrators, delegates, mailbox owners, and non-owners.
  • User and administrator activities in Exchange Online groups, including group delegations, emails sent as groups, and more.
  • Activities pertaining to contacts and public folders.

Audit important components of Exchange Online, including:

  • Focused Inbox
  • Mail contacts
  • Anti-malware settings
  • Anti-spam settings
  • Public folders
  • Unified messaging mailbox policies
  • Role groups
  • Site mailboxes
  • Exchange users
  • Outlook apps
  • ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices
  • Mailboxes
  • Mailbox permissions
  • Exchange Online groups
  • Advanced threat protection settings

Why M365 Security Plus?

Flexible log storage

Store your Exchange Online audit logs for as long as you want. Most industrial regulations like HIPAA, SOX, etc., mandate organizations store logs for years for forensic analysis. Failing to do so can provoke hefty penalties. While Microsoft 365 automatically purges audit logs after 180 days, with M365 Security Plus you have ultimate control over your logs and can store them for as long as you want. It's you running the show here and not the other way around.

Profile-based auditing

Create audit profiles to experience hassle-free auditing. Unlike Exchange Online, with M365 Security Plus you don't have to go through the tedious process of specifying criteria—such as category, time frame, which users to audit, user activities, etc.—every time you want to look at audit logs. For instance, if you want to monitor mailboxes for access by a set of users or all activities carried out by your Exchange administrators, all you have to do is create a profile based on the requirements. Then, you can access the profile anytime and quickly view the data you want.

Reporting at its very best

Pull valuable information from your Exchange Online audits with comprehensive and in-depth reports. With M365 Security Plus, all your audit logs are presented as clear, summarized reports. Schedule reports to be delivered straight to your inbox, or export them in multiple file formats such as CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML. Customize and consolidate audit reports to generate data the way you want it. For example, in Microsoft 365, administrators can use audit reports to monitor all accesses to a mailbox, but not specific details about the users accessing the mailboxes as well. With M365 Security Plus, use filters to track a particular attribute in audit reports, such as users' IP addresses.

Audit groups

Audit Exchange Online groups and get a bird's eye view of all group members' actions. Microsoft 365 allows you audit users, but not individual groups themselves. Rather than enter group members individually, create group audit profiles in M365 Security Plus to run reports for entire groups all at once.

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