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Real-time Microsoft 365 Alerting

While cloud technology makes business more efficient, it comes with its own set of cons. One drawback to consider is the increased vulnerability that comes along with employees being able to work on the go. Since those employees can access internal data anywhere with any device, tracking everyday user events in your Microsoft 365 setup becomes increasingly critical.

However, auditing user activity alone is not sufficient, and the sheer amount of activity that happens on a daily basis can be hard to keep up with. You need to configure real-time alerts to save time and effort.

Stay informed with alerts

Keep an eye on everything happening in your Microsoft 365 environment by creating alerts for activities that need immediate attention. Configure alert profiles to send customized messages to administrators when selected actions happen inside your Microsoft 365 setup. Get information on the severity of the action that triggered the alert, who performed the action, the time it occurred, and more.

What happens if malware filter policies are disabled?

Spam and malware filter policies are gatekeepers for external information, and they play a major role in security. The sudden disabling of malware filter policies without user input is a clear sign of an attack, and needs immediate attention. If an alert is set for this action, an email will be sent to the administrator immediately stating the details of the action.

Track down your missing files

Users delete files all the time without any negative consequences. But what if those files contain important data? Create a Deleted file alert under the OneDrive for Business category in M365 Security Plus to automatically notify administrators through email whenever a file is deleted, what file it was, and who deleted it.

Keep confidential information secure

Monitor OneDrive sharing activities to get notified in real time when users share files. Avoid data leaks that might occur when users accidentally or intentionally share a confidential internal file publicly.

The list of alerts provided by M365 Security Plus is given below:

Exchange Online alerts

  • Focused inbox
  • Unified Messaging call answering rule
  • Site mailbox
  • Role entry
  • Hybrid
  • Unified Messaging auto attendant
  • Group
  • Transport Rule Matches
  • Anti-malware
  • Connector
  • Unified Messaging dial plan
  • Role assignment
  • Public folder migration
  • Unified Messaging IP gateway
  • Mailbox configuration
  • Mail Trace
  • Role assignment policy
  • Mail flow
  • Text messagingUnified Messaging mailbox pin
  • Accepted domains
  • Mailbox
  • Sharing
  • OWA
  • Connected accounts
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Unified Messaging prompt management
  • Malware Detection
  • Spam Detection
  • Public folder sync
  • Partner app
  • User photo
  • Unified Messaging mailbox
  • Miscellaneous mailbox
  • Outlook apps
  • Organization
  • Remote domains
  • Calendar
  • Inbox rule
  • Mailbox Junk Configuration
  • Mobile device
  • Unified Messaging mailbox policy
  • Exchange Online Activities
  • Mailbox permission
  • CAS mailbox settings
  • Federation
  • Public folder
  • DLP Policy Matches
  • Unified Messaging hunt group
  • Exchange user
  • Role scope
  • Anti-spam
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail
  • Role group
  • Mail contact
  • Clutter
  • Management roles
  • Mailbox move

Azure Active Directory (AD) alerts

  • Azure AD license
  • Azure AD role administration
  • Azure AD group
  • Azure AD user
  • Azure STS logon
  • Azure AD app administration
  • Azure AD password

OneDrive for Business alerts

  • OneDrive sync activities alerts
  • OneDrive file activities alerts
  • OneDrive folder activities alerts
  • OneDrive sharing activities alerts

Microsoft Teams and Sway alerts

  • Microsoft Teams events alerts
  • Microsoft Teams settings changes alerts
  • Sway sharing alerts
  • Sway activities alerts

Yammer and Power BI alerts

  • Yammer user activities
  • Yammer settings changes by Admin
  • Power BI user activities
  • Power BI admin activities
  • Power BI permissions

Microsoft Stream alerts

  • Video Activities
  • Group Channel Activities
  • General User Activities


  • Compliance DLP Exchange
  • EOP content
  • EOP auditing
  • EOP security
  • EOP preservation policy
  • EOP user and group
  • EOP eDiscovery
  • Compliance DLP SharePoint

SharePoint Online alerts

  • SharePoint file activities
  • SharePoint folder activities
  • SharePoint sharing activities
  • SharePoint sync activities
  • SharePoint site administration
  • List activities
  • Sensitivity label activities

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