How to upload patches to the patch store from the console?


In certain cases, patches cannot be directly downloaded by the Patch Manager Plus server from the vendor sites due to any of the following reasons on the vendor's end:

  • Frequent changes in the download URL.
  • Issues with session keys and hash keys of the download link.
  • Direct download of patches being available only to the customers with registered account and a valid license, etc.

In such cases, you can manually download the patch and upload it to the patch store directly from the product console by leveraging Upload Patches feature. Thus giving you more control over the patching process and ensuring that your network is up-to-date and secure.


    Download the updates of the required applications manually.

  • On the product console, navigate to Patches -> Downloaded Patches -> Upload Patches.
  • You can find the list of patches that need to be manually uploaded in the Upload Patches view.


  • Click on Upload under Action.
  • Once the patch has been uploaded, select Install Patches to deploy them.
  • Otherwise, navigate to Patches -> Downloaded Patches -> Patches tab -> Search for the Patch ID of the required patches and click on Upload under Action.


Follow the below-mentioned steps for patches which require checksum to be entered manually,

  • Click on Upload under Action.
  • In the pop-up window, browse and select the file to upload.
  • Enter the checksum and choose between the Checksum algorithm types (MD5, SHA256 and SHA1).
  • You can either find the checksum of a file on the vendor's site or you can:

    • Open Command Prompt and navigate to the directory that contains the file to be uploaded.
    • The checksum of the file can be obtained by executing the command :
      certutil -hashfile <filename> <algorithm>
      For example: certutil -hashfile Win10_1909_en_enterprisex64.iso SHA256
    • Once the command is executed, the checksum will be displayed in the Command Prompt.
    • upload-patches-cd


  • Then click on Upload.
  • Once the patch has been uploaded, wait for the checksum to be validated.
  • Once validated, the patch can be installed.