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Secure and simplify Active Directory migration

Migrate Active Directory users, groups, contacts, and GPOs across the domains and forests in your AD network effortlessly with ADManager Plus.

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What is Active Directory migration?

During an organization's merger or acquisition, its IT teams are posed with just as many challenges as the legal and the other teams that are involved in the process. Active Directory (AD), a critical component in an IT infrastructure, is responsible for handling half of these problems. Migrating your intricately-built AD, along with its objects, is a risky process and can be disruptive when not done properly. Investing in an AD migration solution simplifies the migration process, prevents downtime, and reduces the risk of data loss.

ADManager Plus as an Active Directory migration tool

Migration can be quite risky and its challenges increase with the complexity of an organzaition's AD infrastructure. ADManager Plus, an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution, doubles as an AD migration tool and aids in securely migrating AD objects. With ADManager Plus, organizations can seamlessly migrate users, groups, contacts, and GPOs across the domains and forests in your AD network.

Organizations that have Microsoft's Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) installed can overcome its limitations and reap its benefits with ADManager Plus. Its GUI interface makes migration with ADMT quick and effortless. ADManager Plus ensures that the objects, their attributes, and their configurations are moved intact and guarantees error-free migration. Additionaly, being highly scalable, ADManager Plus facilitates the migration of numerous objects without affecting AD performance and health.

As an AD migration tool, ADManager Plus lets you perform

  • User migration
  • Group migration
  • Contact migration
  • GPO migration

User migration

Migrate users along with their access rights, group memberships, and SID history.

User migration

Group migration

Migrate groups along with their members and memberships.

Group migration

Contact migration

Migrate AD Contacts and their OU details.

Contact migration

GPO migration

Migrate GPOs with or without ACL or a migration table.

GPO migration

How to perform AD migration?


Devise a migration plan

Brainstorm and develop a migration plan with information on restructuring, objects that have to be migrated, and migration schedule.

Back up resources

Back up all objects before migration using ADManager Plus' backup and recovery module.


Test your migration plan

Deploy a test environment and migrate the objects from your source environment to your target environment using ADManager Plus to understand the repercussions the migration process may have on your AD.

Migrate objects smoothly

Based on the inference from your testing, migrate objects seamlessly at the desired time using ADManager Plus.

Note: Inter-forest migration is only supported with the Migrate using ADMT option.

Key highlights of ADManager Plus' AD migration feature

Conflict handling

Handle naming conflicts automatically during migration with naming formats.

OU hierarchy

Migrate objects along with their OU details across domains and forests.

Permission management

Move users and groups along with their access rights.

Password migration

Pre-configure what happens to users' passwords and migrate them securely.

Benefits of performing AD migration using ADManager Plus


Secure migration

Migrate objects securely without affecting their permissions between domains and forests.


Ensure data integrity

Avoid data loss by migrating objects with their attributes intact.


Improve efficiency

Migrate large volume of objects without affecting your AD efficiency and performance.


Reduce administrative burden

Delegate tasks to other technicians and take the load off administrators.


Hassle-free conflict management

Decide and pre-configure how conflicts are managed during migration.


Mitigate data loss

Backup data and recover then instantly during migration failure and thwart data loss.

Active Directory migration made easier with ADManager Plus

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