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Distribution List

Exchange Distribution List Reports

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based tool that simplifies Microsoft Exchange Server reporting through its pre-built reports like Distribution Lists specific reports, Active Sync Enabled or Disabled reports, Mailbox Size Limits report, etc. for multiple versions of Exchange Server (Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) from a single console.

As Distribution Lists are integral to Exchange Servers and their email or messaging clients like MS Outlook, it is imperative to have up-to-date and in-depth information about them. With only the native tools of Exchange software, PowerShell, etc. obtaining even basic information like the list of all Distribution Lists; their members with and without Mailboxes; their owners, etc. is easier said than done.

ADManager Plus' Pre-built Exchange Server Reports

This tool enables instant and accelerated Exchange reporting through its pre-packaged reports like:

  • Distribution Groups Report: You can use this report to get the list of all Distribution Groups in your Exchange environment.
  • Distribution List Members Report: This report will help you to spot and extract all the users who are members of at least one Distribution Group or List.
  • Non-distribution List Members Report: The purpose of this report is to help you identify all the users who do not belong to any distribution list.
  • Managed / Unmanaged Groups Report: Using this report, you can locate all the managed or unmanaged Exchange and Active Directory Groups in your organization.
  • Users Not in a Group Report: You can fetch all those users who are not in the specified Distribution or Security group(s) through this report.
  • Users in Groups Report: You can find out all users who are members of any specific group(s) and its subgroups.
  • Group Types and Scopes Report: You can fetch all the distribution lists in your organization based on their scopes like Global, Domain Local and Universal.
  • Detailed Group Members Report: This report will fetch all the AD objects or accounts (Users, Groups, Computers and contacts) that are members of the specified distribution group as well as its sub-groups.

Other Significant Exchange Server Reports in ADManager Plus

Apart from Distribution Lists specific reports, this web-based Exchange Reporting tool also offers other important Exchange reports like:

  • General Exchange Reports like: Mailbox Enabled Users Report, Users without Mailbox Report, Mail Enabled Users / Groups Report, E-mail Proxy Enabled Users / Groups Report, etc.
  • Delivery Recipient Settings based Reports like: Default or Restricted Sending Message Size Report, Default or Restricted Recipient Size Report, Default or Restricted Receiving Message Size Report, User Mailbox Size Limits Report, Users hidden from Exchange Address Lists Report, etc.
  • Feature based Reports like: OMA Enabled / Disabled Report, OWA Enabled / Disabled Report, Active Sync Enabled or Disabled Report, POP3 Enabled or Disabled Report, IMAP4 Enabled or Disabled Report, etc.

Apart from MS Exchange reports, this tool also fetches information on Active Directory Groups, Computers, Contacts and also Users through its pre-built reports like Inactive Users report, Recently logged on users report, Password reports, Mail Enabled Contacts, Inactive Computers, Managed Computers, etc.

ADManager Plus - The Multi-functional Reporting Tool

Besides knocking off all the complexities associated with Exchange reporting, this web-based software arms you with many other features using which you can also:

  • Schedule Exchange as well as Distribution List reports and automate report generation.
  • Export Distribution Lists, their members, email addresses of members or users in Distribution Lists, etc. to Excel, CSV, HTML or PDF.
  • As per your requirement, extract Distribution Group Members, Distribution Groups, their owners, etc. from your Exchange infrastructure and send them as email attachments to multiple users.

ADManager Plus enables you to perform all these at just the click of a button. The icing on the cake though is the ultimate advantage of its ability to generate and export reports for multiple versions of Exchange Server (Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) from a single web-based console.


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