Regulate the use of cloud-based services with
DataSecurity Plus' cloud protection

  • Cloud app discovery
  • Web content filtering
  • Cloud security
  • Web app usage analysis

Cloud app discovery

  • Monitor the use of cloud applications across endpoints, and gain insights into your organization's encrypted web traffic.
  • Ensure all cloud applications used are in line with your organization's security practices, i.e., with adequate levels of encryption and reliable third-party certificates.
  • Track cloud services across multiple categories like personal sites and blogs, legal, search engines, computer security, and more.
  • Audit the varied failed and successful access requests made to both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications.

Web content filtering

  • Estimate the reputation score of every cloud application accessed based on its history, age, underlying URLs, and more using our threat analytics database.
  • Take real-time action, and stop the unfettered use of high-risk cloud services by blocking the use of banned or unsanctioned applications from one central location.
  • Analyze requests made to cloud apps with low reputation scores along with details of upload and download activities through them.
  • Improve workforce productivity by blocking the use of non-business cloud services like social networking, e-commerce, and live streaming websites.

Cloud security

  • Generate detailed reports on the upload requests made across SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, DropBox, Box, and other web services.
  • Block web traffic to unsafe websites such as spam and malware sites, or those with inappropriate content.
  • Keep a close eye on the use of shadow IT services and the top actors who use them to identify the risk they pose to your organization's data security.
  • Generate critical security insights on which actor accessed what web apps and when. Analyze the browsers and methods being used to access the cloud apps.

Web app usage analysis

  • Use deep packet inspection to analyze how various actors interact with cloud applications, and examine details about upload and download activity.
  • Analyze the difference in usage between web-based and native cloud applications. Analyze access requests made from specific browsers to zero-in on events of interest.
  • Analyze data sharing patterns via web services within your organization using informative reports and graphs.
  • Gather web application access statistics such as website usage categorized by upload or download volume, request count, and more.

Receive in-depth visibility into your cloud-based services
with DataSecurity Plus

  • Cloud app discovery
  • Web content filtering
  • Cloud security
  • Web app usage analysis
Visibility into cloud app usage

Use our detailed graphs to understand which cloud apps are commonly used and by whom.

Analyze cloud activity

Track upload, download, and other activity details across cloud storage and productivity platforms such as Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365.

Cloud app discovery
Scrutinize suspicious behavior

Analyze unusual activities like repeated requests to access banned cloud applications and elevated levels of shadow application usage.

Web content filtering
Manage access to resources

Scrutinize both successful and failed accesses to cloud applications with low reputations. Locate and block unnecessary and malicious websites.

Catalog cloud apps used

Identify the most commonly used cloud app categories used along with details on data transfer activities through them.

Cloud security
Cloud analytics dashboard

Use the analytics dashboard to view key metrics on the total number of cloud applications accessed along with upload and download information.

Time-based analysis

Compare and contrast the difference in cloud service usage patterns over predefined periods.

Web app usage analysis

With DataSecurity Plus's Cloud Protection module, you can:

  • 01Get a bird's-eye view of web application usage in your organization.
  • 02Granularly track file uploads to SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft365, Box, and DropBox.
  • 03Discover which sanctioned, unsanctioned, and shadow apps are being used.
  • 04Prevent employees from accessing unproductive, unsafe, and inappropriate websites.
  • 05Detect attempts to access banned and shadow websites.
  • 06Identify the most accessed websites, most used browsers, and other trends.
  • 07Track which websites were accessed, by which user, and when.
  • 08Receive a list of recent HTTP and HTTPS requests by
  • 09Streamline compliance with regulations such as CIPA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.
  • 10Get updated web reputation scores and monitor access to apps with poor reputation.

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