Highlights of DataSecurity Plus' sensitive data discovery tools.


    PII scanner

    Locate personally identifiable information (PII) to help comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, and more.


    Visibility on various file types

    Scan for sensitive data from over 50 file types, including email, text, compressed, and more.


    Incremental file scan 

    Reduce subsequent run times by scanning only new and modified files.

Key benefits of using DataSecurity Plus' data discovery tool.

Enhanced sensitive data visibility

  • Search for sensitive personal data

    Generate reports on instances of sensitive data, including their type, location, and the amount of sensitive data stored in each file.

  • Define what's sensitive to you

    Locate organization-specific sensitive data stored in your file servers by creating custom data discovery rules and policies.

  • Catalog your sensitive data

    Create and maintain an inventory of your organizations' most sensitive data by running data discovery scans at regular intervals.

Search for sensitive personal data
Define what's sensitive to you
Catalog your sensitive data
Simplify data discovery
Gain quick insights
Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Easy-to-use content detection capabilities.

  • Simplify data discovery

    Scan and process multiple files simultaneously for sensitive data with options to exclude critical business hours from your data discovery scans.

  • Gain quick insights

    Analyze the key metrics of discovered PII/ePHI, including most violated policies, rules, and more, using the one-stop operational dashboard.

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance

    Receive instant alerts on discovering sensitive data to address multiple requirements of IT regulatory compliance mandates with the data discovery tool.

Enhanced sensitive data scanning with DataSecurity Plus' data discovery tool.

  • Consolidate your sensitive dataConsolidate your sensitive data
  • Perform a PII health check upPerform a PII health check up
  • Categorize sensitive dataCategorize sensitive data
See the bigger picture.

View the one-stop operational dashboard for a quick overview of any recently discovered PII, identified personal data trends, and more.

Consolidate your sensitive data
Credit card data discovery

Discover and assess the vulnerability of the location where your cardholder data is stored.

Choose what to search for

Create organization-specific rules to find specific instances of critical data such as unique citizen IDs, credit card data, and more.

Perform a PII health check up
Security based on criticality.

Locate and group discovered sensitive data based on the external mandate it conforms to e.g., GDPR or PCI DSS.

Categorize sensitive data

An all-in-one solution packed with powerful features


    Discover personal data

    Locate risky content such as PII/ePHI and maintain an inventory of the personal data you store.



    Classify sensitive files

    Leverage automatic and manual classification capabilities to sort risky files with sensitive data.


    Enable content-aware protection

    Scan for business-sensitive content and protect it from leakage via USBs and Outlook email.



    Uncover ROT data

    Find duplicate and non-business files; set up policies to manage outdated and trivial data; and more.



    Analyze security permissions

    Identify overexposed files and broken inheritances; analyze file ownership and permissions; and more.



    Analyze file storage

    Gain insight into disk usage patterns by analyzing storage growth and alerting to low disk space.

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