Continuously monitor file and folder accesses


    File activity monitoring

    Track critical file accesses instantly using the centralized access audit log.


    Efficient forensic analysis

    Perform root cause analysis to locate the origin of security incidents.


    IT compliance made easy

    Maintain audit trails and comply with IT regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

Why DataSecurity Plus is the file auditing software you need

Enterprise data needs efficient auditing

  • Gain clear visibility

    Track all file and folder events—read, create, modify, overwrite, move, rename, delete, and permission change events—happening in your file servers.

  • Find misplaced files

    Easily locate renamed or moved files, and generate reports that show the old and new file paths. Track every unintentional file and folder access, and remediate as needed.

  • Monitor failed attempts

    Track failed read, write, and delete attempts whether accidental or deliberate. These are often the first signs of an insider threat.

track all file and folder changes
find misplaced files
monitor failed access attempts to a file-folder
track file access trends
report on file accessed time
monitor suspicious file access attempts

File access analytics at your fingertips

  • Find access trends

    Identify standard and typical user changes to files on your servers. Track commonly accessed or modified files to ensure each user access is authorized.

  • Track access times

    Perform forensic analysis effectively in the event of a security breach. Track the time of all accesses or modifications made to a file by a user.

  • Detect anomalies

    Spot out-of-the-ordinary events such as file accesses during non-business hours or files accessed after a long time. Verify whether the accesses were authorized.

The who, what, when, and where of file access—all on one dashboard.

With Windows file access auditing software, you can easily monitor every change made to your files and folders.

  • Track all accesses
  • Find answers easily
  • Spot anomalies instantly
  • Receive custom reports
At a glance.

Receive detailed insights on file and folder accesses made by every user and process.

A close eye on everything.

Monitor specific types of accesses in your file servers with easy-to-follow graphs and charts.

Focus on critical changes.

Filter reports to focus on a specific user or to see who accessed files and folders at odd hours.

Know what users do.

Track users who access stale files or file shares, and evaluate their actions.

Find out when they did it.

Check last access times to flag unusual file and folder accesses after extended periods of inactivity.

Through the magnifying glass.

Customize reports based on your organization's needs. Receive insights on specific files, folders, or users.


An all-in-one solution packed with powerful features



    Monitor file change.

    Track and provide alerts for critical changes made to your sensitive files in real time.



    Analyze files and disk space.

    Optimize storage space by isolating stale, large, hidden, or non-business files.



    Monitor file integrity.

    Detect and alert on unauthorized changes to your file server environment through real-time monitoring.



    Audit access rights.

    Monitor share and NTFS permissions to prevent unauthorized access and compliance- related penalties.



    Comply with regulations.

    Ensure compliance with multiple external mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, SOX, and GLBA.



    Combat ransomware.

    Detect and shut down ransomware attacks with instantly with automated threat response mechanism.

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