Windows file change auditing with real-time alerts

Protect your organization's confidential data from improper access, unauthorized changes, or potential theft using DataSecurity Plus.This file change auditing and alerting tool offers continuous change tracking, in-depth auditing, compliance reporting, and real-time alerts to thwart potential security threats early enough to minimize damage to your organization.

DataSecurity Plus Alert profiles
File security changes report

Highlights of DataSecurity Plus

Real-time change monitoring

Gain visibility into your file server enviroment through continuous, real-time change monitoring and proactively track, monitor, and alert on critical file changes before they snowball into security issues.

Instant notifications

Use our real-time file auditing feature to get instant notifications via email for all unauthorized file modifications and permission changes, and to catch extremely time-sensitive incidents such as ransomware attacks.

Preconfigured alerts

Create your own custom alerts of varying severities, including critical, trouble, and attention.  Assign thresholds based on user, time, action, and volume to each severity level to detect, alert, and respond to potential threats.

Response automation

Protect your most crucial assets using our automated response mechanism. Execute customizable batch files or custom scripts to stop threats in their tracks.

Streamline compliance

Get real-time alerts and change tracking for multiple compliance requirements mandated by regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

Granular reports

Generate actionable, real-time change reports that list all related audit characteristics for events that have generated an alert, such as who changed what, when, and from where, to accelerate incident response.

Change tracking

Use change tracking to continuously monitor all critical file changes and quickly identify anomalous user behavior, such as multiple failed access attempts and spikes in file modification, to prevent insider threats.

The DataSecurity Plus advantage


Audit and analyze file and folder access


Analyze files and disk space

The Access Audit report provides detailed information on the quintessential Four W's—who accessed what, when, and from where. This will help you keep track of all accesses and changes. The Access Analysis report provides a summary view of accesses and changes, which can help you detect access trends. The File Analysis report helps isolate files that are old, unused, unmodified, large, hidden, or non-business; making data cleanup easier. The Disk Analysis report provides visual insight into disk space usage and trends, facilitating optimization of disk space; it also reveals properties of files and folders.

Actively respond to security breaches


Meet PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and other regulatory needs

Detect security breaches as and when they occur with alerts that get emailed instantly. Define threshold limits for mass access events such as malware attacks. Comply with regulatory mandates through consistent auditing and reporting of the file server environment.

Audit access rights

Examine share and security permissions of files and folders and prevent access exploitation.  
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