Why should you track file and folder changes?

  • File servers are constantly at risk of internal and external attacks. Data breaches have the potential to cause massive damage to organizations, particularly due to how difficult they are to detect.
  • According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2018, the average cost of a lost or stolen record is $148.
  • Whether it's caused by negligent privileged users or deliberate leaks by insiders, data breaches and critical file activities require a solution for instant detection and response.

Gain the upper hand

against data breaches with a file change tracker that detects data loss and malware intrusion.


    Companies that contained a
    breach in less than 30 days saved over $1 million compared to those that took more than 30 days.

    - Ponemon Institute -

    Use file integrity monitoring and
    change detection software on logs
    to ensure that existing log data
    cannot be changed without generating alerts.

    - PCI DSS -

    $1.23 million was the average cost of a data breach in 2018

    - Kaspersky Lab -
  • Spot anomalous access trends.

    Detect suspicious user activity by triggering alerts when there is an abnormal increase in access events. Safeguard sensitive files by assigning threshold values to user-generated events.

  • Pinpoint internal threats.

    Limit the damage caused by insider threats. Spot privilege misuse and unusual activity on critical files with real-time alerts.

  • Detect ransomware intrusion.

    Instantly detect infiltrations with telltale signs like sudden spikes in file activities, or with our repository of known ransomware. Isolate corrupted machines and halt the spread of ransomware.

  • Automate responses to critical events.

    Save crucial seconds by automatically running custom scripts to shut down servers, end user sessions, disable accounts, or respond to security breaches according to your enterprise's needs.

Real-time alerts for file, folder, and permission changes.

Detect and respond instantly to access anomalies and security incidents with DataSecurity Plus.

  • Detect incidents rapidly
  • Analyze events easily
  • Customize alert profiles
Security, preconfigured

Speed up incident detection with default alerts for malware, access anomalies, or other significant events. View severity-specific event counts and get detailed reports for each.

Windows file change notification
See only what you need.

Find breach sources by filtering reports according to your needs and analyzing each entry. Promptly locate infected files and respond accordingly.

Find answers quickly.

Identify anomalous activities and non-compliance effortlessly. Ease analysis by searching for events triggered by specific users or sources.

Track folder changes
Secure critical assets.

Set alerts for specific events. Monitor critical files and folders, and get notifications when a user modifies them.

Define what's abnormal to you.

Receive alerts when file servers record a suspiciously large number of activities by establishing safe limits unique to your enterprise.

Automate incident response.

Automate responses to security incidents. Disable compromised user accounts, shut down infected devices, or create your own response strategies as per your enterprise's needs.

Folder change alert

Accelerate incident detection and response with a
Windows file change notification tool.

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Other features of DataSecurity Plus


Audit file and folder access.

Audit all access events to track who accessed what, when, and from where. Analyze access trends and gain key insights with graphical reports. Learn more


Analyze files and disk space.

Optimize storage space by isolating stale, large, hidden, or non-business files. Analyzing disk usage trends helps you figure out when it's time to free up space. Learn more


Monitor file integrity.

Thwart potential threats by monitoring file activity in real time. Identify the root cause of security incidents by performing forensic analysis on past audit logs. Learn more


Audit access rights.

Detect access exploitation by monitoring share and security permissions on your file servers. You can verify that users have only the permissions they're supposed to have. Learn more


Comply with regulations.

Avoid compliance-related penalities by continuously monitoring all file activities. Generate audit-ready reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, and the GDPR. Learn more


Detect and respond to ransomware.

Identify and automate responses to sudden spikes in events like renaming, deletion, or permission changes, which are all telltale indicators of a ransomware attack. Learn more


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