Why do you need a file integrity monitoring solution?

  • Critical enterprise data constantly faces the risk of unsanctioned access by both internal and external actors. Files and folders containing business-critical data should be continuously monitored for any changes that could put them at risk.
  • Using a real-time file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution is essential to protect your data and to meet the requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and other IT compliance regulations.
  • FIM software such as DataSecurity Plus eases the work of IT admins by continuously tracking all file accesses and instantly detecting security breaches. You can use DataSecurity Plus to swiftly spot and respond to events that indicate a compromise, thereby strengthening your organization's security posture.

Key benefits of
file integrity monitoring

with DataSecurity Plus.


    Of all the data breach incidents
    investigated by Verizon since 2010,
    not a single organization was 100% PCI DSS compliant.

    - Verizon -

    Deploy file integrity monitoring tools to
    alert personnel to unauthorized
    of critical files.

    - PCI DSS -

    Most attacks are opportunistic and target
    not the wealthy or famous, but
    the unprepared.

    - Verizon -
  • Identify anomalous changes quickly.

    Pinpoint any unauthorized changes by selectively monitoring critical files, folders, or even users. Spot and reverse accidental changes by viewing original and altered file names.

  • Track unwanted activities in real time.

    Detect data breaches instantly by monitoring potential risks such as user activity during non-business hours or permission changes to business-critical files. Identify privilege abuse with real-time alerts for permission changes, failed access attempts, and more.

  • Detect ransomware intrusion instantly.

    Monitor your servers for sudden spikes in access events, which are typically red flags in any file server environment. Accelerate intrusion detection with our repository of known ransomware file types and automatically respond with mitigation techniques.

  • Perform root cause analysis easily.

    Identify the source of security incidents by using actionable and accurate forensic data. You can also analyze old audit logs and generate clear, concise records as legal evidence.

One FIM tool to cover multiple needs.

Meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and other compliance requirements, and secure your organization's file server environment.

  • Track changes easily
  • Customize alerts
  • Simplify auditing
  • Flag failed accesses
Everything you need, at a glance.

Monitor all changes made to your file servers in real time. View details about critical events like permission changes, file changes after business hours, or changes to specific files by specific users.

Keep a close watch.

Configure alerts for specific events. Receive notifications whenever a user modifies critical files and folders.

Set your safe limit.

Trigger alerts when a suspiciously large number of events occur by establishing safe limits unique to your organization.

Improve your reflexes.

Automate your response to security incidents. Disable compromised user accounts, shut down infected devices, or create your own response strategies as per your enterprise's needs.

Follow the trail.

Track and reverse accidental move or rename activities. With reports that show original and changed file names, you can easily find misplaced data and move it back to where it belongs.

Spot overstepped boundaries.

Catch suspicious users by monitoring all failed access attempts on your files. Reduce the possibility of data theft by detecting multiple failed attempts and responding accordingly.


Make Windows file integrity monitoring
a whole lot easier.

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Other features of DataSecurity Plus


Audit file and folder access.

Audit all access events to track who accessed what, when, and from where. Analyze access trends and gain key insights with graphical reports. Learn more


Analyze files and disk space.

Optimize storage space by isolating stale, large, hidden, or non-business files. Analyzing disk usage trends helps you figure out when it's time to free up space. Learn more


Detect and respond to ransomware.

Identify and automate responses to sudden spikes in events like renaming, deletion, or permission changes, which are all telltale indicators of a ransomware attack.Learn more


Audit access rights.

Detect access exploitation by monitoring share and security permissions on your file servers. You can verify that users have only the permissions they're supposed to have. Learn more


Comply with regulations.

Avoid compliance-related penalities by continuously monitoring all file activities. Generate audit-ready reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, and the GDPR.Learn more


Accelerate incident response.

Configure real-time alerts for critical events, and automatically trigger scripts for quick, customized responses to security incidents. Learn more


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