Why should you audit share and NTFS permissions?

  • According to Verizon's Data Breach Investigation Report, privilege misuse caused 14 percent of all data breaches in 2017.
  • When employees have excessive rights, they can gain inappropriate access to files or folders, potentially exposing or modifying mission-critical data. This elevated access could put an organization at risk of losing all its data, forcing it to face hefty penalties for non-compliance.
  • Knowing your employees' effective permissions will help you avoid data breaches and fines for non-compliance. However, staying on top of your employees' permissions means using a Windows file permissions tool that audits, analyzes, and reports on a user's access rights and effective permissions.
  • With the right permissions auditing tool such as DataSecurity Plus, you can easily verify whether your employees have only the authorization they require for their work.

Key benefits of auditing permissions

with DataSecurity Plus.


Key benefits of auditing permissions

with DataSecurity Plus.


    $3.81 million
    is the average annual cost
    of an incident caused by
    employee or contractor negligence.

    - Ponemon Institute -

    37% of organizations feel
    that the main enabling risk factors in
    insider attacks are users with
    excessive access privileges.

    - Cybersecurity Insiders -

    28% of data breaches in 2017
    involved internal actors.

    - Verizon -
  • Audit file permissions continuously.

    View users' access rights by auditing share and NTFS permissions. Find their assigned file access rights and inherited permissions.

  • Track permission changes in real time.

    Spot possible instances of privilege escalation with real-time alerts for critical events such as permission or ownership changes.

  • Scan for elevated privileges instantly.

    List your employees' access rights and spot overexposed data. Ensure that they only have the permissions they need for their work.

  • Analyze effective permissions easily.

    Determine the effective access permissions of multiple users or groups in one go with instant, accurate reports.

Simplify NTFS and file share auditing with DataSecurity Plus.

Audit user access rights, and gain visibility into your file servers with DataSecurity Plus' comprehensive NTFS
and shared folder permissions tool.

  • View all permission changes
  • Audit NTFS and share permissions
  • View effective permissions
  • Monitor privileged users
An airtight environment.

Identify inappropriate user activities faster by auditing all permission and ownership changes on your file servers.

ntfs permission change auditing
Unified reports.

Get full visibility across your file servers by viewing all user access rights. You can easily see the permissions assigned to shared and local folders with the Windows file share permissions audit utility.

share permission auditing report
No unguarded doors.

Generate instant, detailed, and accurate reports showing the effective permissions of multiple users. Make sure no user has more privileges than needed.

Unrestricted, but not unwatched.

Detect any instances of privilege misuse or other anomalous accesses by monitoring the activities of users who have privileged access.


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Other features of DataSecurity Plus


Audit file and folder access.

Audit all access events to track who accessed what, when, and from where. Analyze access trends and gain key insights with graphical reports. Learn more


Analyze files and disk space.

Optimize storage space by isolating stale, large, hidden, or non-business files. Analyzing disk usage trends helps you figure out when it's time to free up space. Learn more


Monitor file integrity.

Thwart potential threats by monitoring file activity in real time. Identify the root cause of security incidents by performing forensic analysis on past audit logs. Learn more


Detect and respond to ransomware.

Identify and automate responses to sudden spikes in events like renaming, deletion, or permission changes, which are all telltale indicators of a ransomware attack. Learn more


Comply with regulations.

Avoid compliance-related penalities by continuously monitoring all file activities. Generate audit-ready reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, and the GDPR.Learn more


Accelerate incident response.

Configure real-time alerts for critical events, and automatically trigger scripts for quick, customized responses to security incidents. Learn more


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