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  • File server auditing

  • Data leak prevention

  • Data risk assessment

  • File analysis

  • File analysis

File server auditing

Gain actionable security information

Annual plans starting at

$ 745
for  2 Windows file servers

$ 595
for  1 CIFS servers

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* With every server configured for file auditing, 1TB of data can be analyzed by the File Analysis module for free.
  • Audit, alert, and report on all file accesses and modifications.
  • Track and report on file copy-and-paste events.
  • Perform file integrity monitoring.
  • Detect and quarantine ransomware.
  • Track security permission changes.
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Data leak prevention

Secure sensitive data from being leaked via USB, email, and more.

Annual plans from

$ 345 / for 100 workstations

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*Licensed Data Leak Prevention users get gateway servers for free in the Cloud Protection module.
  • Monitor all accesses and modifications made to your sensitive personal data.
  • Block files with highly sensitive data (PII/ePHI) from being moved via email (Outlook).
  • Stop users from running malicious application executables.
  • Find who copied what files to their removable storage devices.
  • Audit and control the use of removable storage media including USBs.
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Data risk assessment

Locate and analyze the risk of sensitive data in your data stores.

Annual plans from

$ 395 / for 2 TB Data size

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  • Find all the personal data (PII/ePHI) in your file repository.
  • Classify data that's most vulnerable by analyzing its contents and assigning a risk score.
  • Create risk profiles for file owners to better manage sensitive files owned by them.
  • Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and other regulatory mandates.
  • Create and maintain an inventory of your sensitive data.
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File Analysis

Gain accurate insights on file security and storage

Annual plans starting at

$ 95 / for 1TB of scanned data

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  • Reclaim storage capacity by purging duplicate, old, and other junk files.
  • Analyze disk usage and data growth patterns.
  • Locate files with permission hygiene issues.
  • Detect files with unrestricted access to all users.
  • Analyze users' effective permissions for business-critical files.
  • Locate and manage files owned by stale, disabled, or deleted users.
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Pricing and Licensing FAQ

  • 1. Will Data risk assessment be covered with the File server auditing module?

    No. The Data risk assessment module requires a license to be purchased separately from the File server auditing license.

  • 2. I have a cluster; should I license the cluster or the nodes?

    For auditing clusters, it is adequate to license just the nodes.

  • 3. Can I audit standalone workstations after buying a file server auditing license?

    Yes. You can audit workstations using the file server auditing license.

  • 4. What happens after the free trial ends?

    At the end of the free trial of DataSecurity Plus, your data and setup remains intact. You can purchase a license as needed from the online store.

  • 5. Can I purchase just the Data risk assessment module without the File server auditing module (and vice versa)?

    DataSecurity Plus' File server auditing, Data risk assessment, and Data leak prevention components can be purchased and used either alone or together. If you want to trial a specific solution, just contact us.

  • 6. Will File Analysis be covered with the File Server Auditing module?

    Yes, the File Analysis module is bundled along with the File Server Auditing module, but the amount of data (TB) analyzed by File Analysis will be equivalent to the number file servers configured under the file server auditing component. For example, if five servers are licensed for file auditing, 5TB of data can be analyzed by File Analysis free of cost. Any further requirement for File Analysis has to be licensed separately.
    You can also purchase the different modules available in DataSecurity Plus as standalone solutions. Learn more.

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