• How do I find out my build number?
  • 1 Click the License tab located in the top-right corner. 
  • 2 The build number is mentioned in the License Details pop-up box.

Download the DataSecurity Plus Service Pack

DataSecurity Plus offers file server auditing, file analysis, data risk assessment, data leak prevention, and cloud protection solutions all in a simple, unified platform. We recommend that you upgrade your instance to the latest version. To find module-wise updates, click here.

If your Build Number is Update to Build Number

Download and update to latest 6090

6021 - 6081

Download and update to 6082

6000 - 6020

Download and update to 6021


Download and update to 6000

5004 - 5011

Download and update to 5012

4300 - 5003

Download and update to 5004

4200 - 4211

Download and update to 4300

4002 - 4111, 4120

Download and update to 4200


Download and update to 4002


Note: We strongly recommend you to take backups before migrating. This helps you prevent accidental loss of data.
  • If your build number isUpgrade to Build NumberSHA256 Checksum hash value
  • 6082Download and upgrade to 6090d3e449ccc00b5c87ea3b70f05bdb94d2fea7ce541ee66a9dea2fb24ec5f71698
  • 6021 to 6081Download and upgrade to 6082f2cb2c6ca488420851500b06eddfb850d53cce650255799528838c689b1fad43
  • 6000 to 6020Download and upgrade to 6021a3bf5772bae2c675037947fcb63d4d3229b3c8c779b97371350d729dee79a28b
  • 5012Download and upgrade to 60007e4bed5b36f9ddd7dbbab0f11f9b6811076d1ccf7de4251aa3611e5ea5966b3e
  • 5004 to 5011Download and upgrade to 50127a930ca6e12d41986870c77690d86d28f7a209eff993b94dd163544265a2b946
  • 4300 to 5003Download and upgrade to 5004f4c3bc8272ff2c53bdbd2891ba7c7d7d110f0d781bcf420488ab73f94dfea0c5

Instructions to Apply Service Pack

  1. Stop the DataSecurity Plus Service and ensure that the 'ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus - DataEngine XNode' service is stopped.
  2. Stop the DataSecurity Plus DB,
    • Open Command Prompt as an administrator
    • Navigate to <ME_Installation_directory>\ManageEngine\DataSecurity Plus\bin
    • Execute StopDB.bat
  3. Backup the existing DataSecurity Plus installation,
    • Zip the entire folder contents, eg., <ME_Installation_directory>\ManageEngine\DataSecurity Plus (OR)
    • Take a backup of the database,
      • Goto <ME_Installation_directory>\ManageEngine\DataSecurity Plus\bin
      • Execute "backupDB.bat" in a command prompt.
  4. Now run the "PatchManager.bat" file or "UpdateManager.bat" file under <ME_Installation_directory>\ManageEngine\DataSecurity Plus\bin folder.
    For Windows 7/ Vista/ 2008/ 2008R2/ 2012 /2012R2 computers with UAC enabled, Execute "PatchManager.bat" file or "UpdateManager.bat" as "Run As Administrator"
  5. "Browse" and "Install" the downloaded PPM file.
  6. Please wait until the upgrade completes. Please do not terminate the Service Pack upgrade process prematurely.

Need Help?

You can contact DataSecurity Plus Support at any time for assistance in upgrading DataSecurity Plus to the latest version.

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