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How to install agents in computers in remote offices?


After you add the details of the remote offices that you are going to manage using Desktop Central, you are required to install agents in the computers in the remote offices. These agents will be referred to Wide Area Network (WAN) agents. There are two types of WAN agents. These include agents that receive information from the Desktop Central server.


To install agents in computers in remote offices, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Admin tab
  2. In the Global Settings section, click Customers
  3. Click the Remote Offices tab
  4. In the Download Agent column, click Download Agent Icon
  5. Click on the name of the remote office in which you want to install an agent. For example, assume that you have two remote offices named Remote Office 1 and Remote Office 2. If you want to install an agent in Remote Office 2, then click the Download Agent link and then click Remote Office 2.
  6. Install the agent in a computer in the remote office, manually. Follow the steps given below:
    1. Copy the zipped file into a folder in a computer in the respective remote office
    2. Extract the zipped file to a directory
    3. Edit the computernames.txt file by adding all the names of the computers in which you want to install the agent. Enter the name of each computer in a separate line.
    4. Open a command prompt and change the directory to either of the following:
      • <Extracted_Dir>/dssetup, if you are using distribution server
      • <Extracted_Dir>/directsetup for direct communication between the WAN agent and the Desktop Central server
    5. Execute the setup.bat file
    6. Follow the instructions given in the command window

You have installed agents in the computers in a remote office in your network. These computer names will automatically be added to the list of computers that you are managing using Desktop Central.

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