Change Name/IP/Port Number of Device Control Plus Server


You want to update a new DNS name/ip and port number of the Device Control Plus Server in the agents (Client Computers) that are already installed


You have moved your Device Control Plus Server to another machine which has a different name/ip and port number.


You can change the following in the Device Control Plus Agents that have been already installed:

  • The Name or the IP Address of the Device Control Plus Server
  • The HTTP and HTTPS ports that are used by the Device Control Plus Agents to communicate with the Server
  • The mode of the communication as HTTP or HTTPS

To change the values,

  1. For Windows - Download the configureAgentServerCommunication.txt and rename it to configureAgentServerCommunication.vbs.
  2. Copy the script to the client computers where the agent is installed.
  3. Open a command prompt/terminal.
  4. Execute the command given below:

    For Windows - cscript configureAgentServerCommunication.vbs <DCPServerName> <DCPServer IP Address> <ECServer HTTP Port> <DCPServer HTTPS Port> <DCPServerAgent Comm Protocol>

    Example: cscript configureAgentServerCommunication.vbs 8020 8383 http

Applies to: Server Migration, Agent-Server Communication

Keywords: Update Server Details, Agent-Server Communication