How to configure File Access Settings in Device Control Plus?

Follow the steps given below to:

  • Prevent unauthorized copying of data from a removable device to your computer.
  • Allow only particular file types or file extensions to be transferred from your computer to the external device.
  • Limit the size of files that can be transferred.
  • Prevent launching of programs automatically.

Steps to configure file access settings

  1. Start Device Control Plus Console, go to --> Policies
  2. Select Create Policies
  3. From the list of device types, select the device type that you want to assign read/write access to. Click allow.

Under File access settings, you can perform the following operations:

Block copying of files from external devices

Enable the toggle against block copying of files from removable devices. This prevents the entry of malicious files into your system via any external device.

Allow Read-only permission

Enable the toggle against allow read-only permission to allow the external device to only read the data but not copy it.

Allow file creation by file type

    Allow users to transfer the files from your computer to the device by placing limitation on the file types or file extensions.

  1. Against the 'allow file creation by file extension', include the file extensions that are free to be transferred. 
  2. Click Save and Publish or Save as draft.

Allow file creation by file size

Allow users to transfer files from the computer to the device based on file size. Set the maximum size up to which the user can transfer data.

  1. Against allow file creation by file size, specify the maximum size of data that can be transferred from your computer to the device
  2. Click Save and Publish or Save as draft

Disable Auto-run settings

Enable the toggle against 'Disable Auto-run settings' to prevent of launching programs without your permission.