How do I block a USB drive?

You can block a device of a particular device type with a comprehensive USB lock down solution.

What is USB lock down?

USB lock down is the method of blocking unauthorized access to USB and peripheral devices. Blocking BadUSB is now easier than you think. To dislodge the whole idea of USB blocking and to control USB devices and other removable media, Device Control Plus helps you lock down your USB ports only for the devices that you do not trust. All you have to do is, create and enforce device access restrictions with Devcie Control Plus's policies. These policies allow you to authorize devices that you trust and block the ones you don't.

How do I disable USB devices?

Follow the steps below to block or disable a particular device:

  1. Start Device Control Plus console --> Go to Policies --> Create policy
  2. You will find a list of removable devices supported by Device Control Plus. Against each device type, you can select the type of access you want to provide respectively.
  3. To block a device, click on the device type --> select block.
  4. You may also block connection bus of CDROM via USB and SCSI based on your preference.
  5. Click Save and Publish or Save as Draft.