SNMP Tools - Knowledge Base

1. The Trap Receiver tool does not show any traps?

If you are running OpUtils in a Windows Os, check whether the firewall running the OS is blocking the traps. You can either stop the firewall and check or add UDP port 162 to the exceptions list.


2. I do not get the description of the Trap Varbinds in the Trap Receiver tool. Why?

One possible reason could be that the MIB is not available in the MIB database. Check and Add the MIBs to the database using the Add MIB option available in the MIB Module Viewer / MIB Browser tools.


3. I am not able to GET the values in the MIB Browser; it says "Request Failed or Timed Out. No Error".

Check whether the SNMP version is correctly set in the Settings --> SNMP tab. The default version set is V2c.


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