OpUtils - Knowledge Base

This section provides you with the common hiccups that you might encounter with OpUtils along with their possible reasons. Contact Technical Support with the Logs for assistance.

Installation & Startup

  1. I am not able to get OpUtils installed on a Windows Machine. It fails to unpack the jars and the installation quits.
  2. How do I install OpUtils as a service in Linux OS?
  3. I do not want OpUtils start along with the system. What should I do?
  4. Whenever I start OpUtils, the browser opens to launch the client? Is there a way I can disable this?
  5. After logging into the OpUtils client, clicking any links or tabs from the welcome screen takes me back to the login page. Why?
  6. When I run OpUtils in a Linux machine, I get an error as "Problem while Starting Server !! System halted". What should I do to resolve this?
  7. I am not able to run OpUtils in Windows Vista?
  8. Is it possible to move the installation to a new machine with the configurations and data intact?
  9. Is it possible to use OpUtils to monitor my devices in WAN?
  10. When I apply the license, it throws an error.
  11. How to upgrade OpUtils using command line options?
  12. How can I make Oputils use a specific IP Address?
  13. What are the ports that are required to be opened on the firewall for managing devices across WAN?

Switch Port Mapper

  1. Error on Adding a Switch - Not a Switch
  2. Failed to Add a Router - Not a Router
  3. Failed to Add a Router - Unable to Connect
  4. Switch Port Mapper does not show any MAC Addresses.
  5. Switch Port Mapper displays only the MAC Address and not the IP Address.
  6. I did a 'Switch Port Mapping' using the Switch Port Mapper tools in OpUtils. In the results, I can see several devices connected to a single switch port? How is this possible?
  7. I imported several switches from a CSV file. I get a message that scanning failed for xx switches. What should I do?
  8. I have different router for each VLAN. How can I add to configure it ?
  9. Switch Port Mapper do not show all the ports of the switch?
  10. Why are CISCO SNMPv3 switches not showing mac addresses?

Bandwidth Monitor

  1. Bandwidth Monitor does not show any utilization information.
  2. The interface speed shown in the Bandwidth Monitor tool is incorrect? Is there a way I can change this manually?
  3. What is the significance of the SNMP version shown while adding an interface? Do I need to change it?

Cisco Tools

  1. Error on Adding a Device - Not a Cisco Device
  2. Unable to Bind to Port 69
  3. Failed to Add a Router - Not a Router
  4. Failed to Add a Router - Unable to Connect
  5. In the Config File Manager tool, I am not getting the Startup Config file. It says "Cisco Config Copy MIB" is not supported?
  6. Why do I get the error "E5003: Unable to bind to Port -69" in Config File Manager?
  7. I tried to retrieve a config file from a Cisco device. But, when I click to view the config files, it is blank.
  8. When I try to get the Access Lists, I get an error as "E4002: Wrong CLI authentication parameters". How do I fix this?
  9. How to enable SNMP in Cisco Routers and Switches?
  10. I get an error as "Error Retrieving Config File" during both scheduled and manual operations. What could be the problem?

Rogue Detection

  1. Failed to Add a Router - Not a Router
  2. Failed to Add a Router - Unable to Connect
  3. I am not seeing the data in the Rogue Detection. Why ?
  4. The Rogue Detection tool shows the newly discovered devices, but do not show the Switch details of the discovered device?
  5. I have marked few devices as Rogue. It is not getting rediscovered. Why?
  6. Rogue Device Alert comes only with the MAC Address and not the IP Address. Why?

IP Address Manager

  1. When I access the IP Address Manager, it takes a long time to load.
  2. The details like the sysname, location, contact etc., are not available for all the IP Addresses.
  3. Failed to add a domain - Domain Controller Not Reachable
  4. Failed to add a domain - Invalid Username or Password
  5. Insufficient Privileges for WMI Queries
  6. Microsoft DHCP Server scan completed but not showing Scope, Leased IP details. Why?

SNMP Tools

  1. Unable to Bind to Port
  2. The Trap Receiver tool does not show any traps?
  3. I do not get the description of the Trap Varbinds in the Trap Receiver tool. Why?
  4. I am not able to GET the values in the MIB Browser; it says "Request Failed or Timed Out. No Error".

Wake on LAN

  1. Wake on LAN does not boot all the machines.


  1. What is SNMP Community?
  2. How to install/enable SNMP?
  3. No Response to SNMP Queries
  4. Error on Adding a Device - Unreachable Host
  5. Error on Adding a Device - Unknown Host
  6. Failed to Retrieve Data using SNMP - Specified OID Not Implemented
  7. When I use the Send Email option, I get an error: "E6002 : Unable to send mail".
  8. How to restore the data from a database backup file?