The health and performance of the IT infrastructure and its seamless delivery of IT services are essential components in the blueprint of any organization striving to meet clients’ needs and stay ahead of the competition. IT admins need a clear, well-defined process to help them gain the right amount of visibility into their IT infrastructure and ensure peak performance. This is where IT operations management comes into play. ITOM is a critical, clearly defined, end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution for an organization aimed at ensuring optimal performance.

Why do companies adopt ITOM software?

A well-structured ITOM platform can help businesses resolve critical IT infrastructure bottlenecks. When implementing an ITOM strategy, it's important to:

  • Conduct regular health checks for the various physical and virtual infrastructure components, and ensure their optimum performance.
  • Implement bandwidth management best practices to plan and allocate bandwidth across the network, ensure optimum bandwidth consumption, and shape traffic accordingly to avoid your IT infrastructure succumbing to bandwidth pitfalls.
  • Avoid downtime by tracking misconfigurations and performing periodic backups of critical configurations to ensure your IT infrastructure meets global compliance standards.
  • Make sure all devices are compliant with the latest security compliance standards, and ensure security is enforced across all vulnerable endpoints.
  • Ensure network devices operate seamlessly without interference between one another due to issues like IP address collision.
  • Plan storage needs well in advance to accommodate ever-increasing business requirements.
  • Monitor business-critical applications and servers to ensure that the end-user experience is not affected.

Challenges in implementing ITOM Tool

A well-crafted strategy for IT operations management solution is key to any organization's success. Any IT admin tasked with formulating and implementing their organization’s IT operations management system will face the following challenges:

ITOM Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus
  • ITOM solutions have several components and IT admins must strike a balance between each of them. Focusing too much on one component could result in missing key loopholes in others.
  • For effective implementation of ITOM, an admin has to ensure greater visibility into the organization’s IT infrastructure across multiple layers (physical layer, application layer, security layer, and transmission layer) at all times.
  • With multiple tools at an admin's disposal, coordinating and switching between them consumes a substantial amount of time and effort. In addition to this, the lack of coordination between the various tools leads to confusion. This can be resolved by opting for a unified ITOM tool.
  • If an organization uses several ITOM tools but doesn't handle licenses or spending carefully, it can lead to issues that will cost more in the long run, like a drop in efficiency and increased response time and downtime. Find a strategy that will allow your organization to gain the maximum return on the lowest investment.

OpManager Plus: A single tool for the entire ITOM cycle

OpManager Plus is an integrated IT operations management tool packed with advanced IT operations monitoring capabilities that ensure optimal performance of your organization's IT infrastructure. Here is an overview of OpManager Plus' features:

ITOM Tools - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Go ITOM with OpManager Plus

Demo for IT Infrastructure Monitor

Simple licensing and a good set of built-in features make this a fine monitoring choice that’s easy to manage   - IT PRO

ITOM Platform - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Single console - multiple operations

OpManager Plus allows you to perform multiple IT management activities including network management, applications management, storage and bandwidth management, firewall, configuration, IP address and switch port management from a single console.

Enterprise ITOM - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Multilevel thresholds to ensure proactive IT operations management

With OpManager Plus' multilevel thresholds, you can get alerted the moment your systems show the slightest signs of potential trouble; this enables proactive network management by ensuring network admins are always one step ahead.

ITOM Process Workflow - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Automate your ITOM process with workflows

OpManager Plus' workflow tools help automate L1 and L2 fault management activities. This can help save costs, reduce manual labor, and tremendously improve the ITOM process.

ITOM Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Advanced alerting for efficient fault management

OpManager Plus provides multiple alerting platforms including email, SMS, Slack, web, and console-based alerts. Deploying multichannel alerting ensures your team doesn't miss out on critical alerts.

ITOM Metrics - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Powerful, deep, insightful metrics for advanced IT operations analytics

OpManager Plus comes with insightful reports that provide a more comprehensive outlook on your network performance, enabling you to analyze the performance of your IT infrastructure much more effectively.

ITOM Dashboard - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

In-depth network visualization for better IT operations management

OpManager Plus comes with powerful network visualization tools including Maps, Business Views, 3D Floor Views, and Rack Views. These tools help you better understand the big picture, enabling a more streamlined IT operations process.



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