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    Automate log management process with EventLog Analyzer
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    Monitor Active Directory changes in real-time with ADAudit Plus
    Monitor critical Active Directory changes and privileged user activities in real-time

Overview of Log360

Log360 is a one-stop solution for all your log management and network security challenges. This tightly-integrated solution combines the capabilities of ADAudit Plus, EventLog Analyzer, O365 Manager Plus, Exchange Reporter Plus, and Cloud Security Plus. With a versatile combination like this, you'll gain complete control over your network; you'll be able to audit Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and your public cloud infrastructure all from a single console.

What can you do with Log360?

  • Monitor and audit critical Active Directory changes in real time.
  • Meet stringent requirements of regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GPG 13, and the GDPR by means of readily available reports.
  • Receive exhaustive information in the form of audit reports on critical events in Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online.
  • Utilize ready-made reports on logs collected from Windows and Linux/Unix machines; IIS and Apache web servers; SQL and Oracle databases; and perimeter security devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Gain visibility into your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures.
  • Generate real-time alerts when globally blacklisted IP addresses and URLs recognized from STIX/TAXII-based feeds are encountered in your network.
  • Enhance security and ensure integrity of the important data within your organization.
  • Efficiently monitor, report on, and audit your Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Audit Active Directory changes in real time.

Receive real-time alerts for any critical changes in your Active Directory infrastructure. With these alerts and out-of-the-box reports, Log360 ensures flawless Active Directory auditing and change monitoring. Get detailed information on AD objects, track suspicious user behavior, monitor critical changes in groups and OUs, and more.


Keep your network safe and sound.

Log360 collects and analyzes log data from devices across your network in real time. Its reporting console, correlation engine, real-time event response system, and search engine work together to provide even the smallest details on your network's security.


Administer Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory through a single console.

Log360 can monitor, report on, and audit critical activities in Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory. Utilize numerous predefined reports offering exhaustive information, customizable alerts to suit your organization's needs, and email notifications to experience effortless administration of your Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory setup. 


Easily supervise Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Log360 helps you keep tabs on important activities happening in your Microsoft Exchange Servers with an intuitive interface providing granular, comprehensive, and actionable reports on all aspects of these servers.


Secure your cloud with a silver lining.

The shift of businesses to the cloud environment has made it mandatory to deploy security information and event management (SIEM) tools with dedicated cloud monitoring features. Log360's cloud monitoring component—with its comprehensive reports, easy search mechanism, and customizable alert profiles—facilitates the smooth functioning of your business in a secure and protected cloud environment.


Closely monitor Active Directory objects.

Log360 can monitor your AD environment and deliver exhaustive reports on AD objects, highlighting vital security information about users, computers, security groups, GPOs, OUs, files, folders, and more. Using these reports, you can plug the gaps in your network that could otherwise be exploited.

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