With Log360's Active Directory (AD) reports, administrators can:

  • Get crucial and security-specific AD reports on users' and groups' access to AD objects, objects with blocked inheritance, and more.
  • View vital AD information, including inactive users, users with expired passwords, enabled computers, and the number of groups, from Log360's intuitive dashboard.
  • Identify important security-focused information, such as users' NTFS permissions and group memberships.

To ensure easy access to relevant AD information, Log360's reports are organized into the following categories:

User reports
Group reports
Computer reports
GPO reports
OU reports
Security reports
NTFS reports

You can export any report as an XLS, PDF, HTML, or CSV file.

Please read and accept the License Agreement before downloading this software.

64 Bit

32 Bit

Note: Log360's AD reports component is a condensed version of ADManager Plus, providing reporting capabilities on AD objects, NTFS permissions, security, and compliance-specific information. ADManager Plus also offers management features for all AD objects, automation for routine AD tasks, a customizable approval-based workflow, and iOS and Android mobile apps for AD management. It includes a secure mechanism to delegate AD tasks to help desk and non-IT users. Learn more about ADManager Plus.