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ManageEngine Log360 vs IBM QRadar

  • This document provides a feature-wise comparison report between ManageEngine Log360 and IBM
  • QRadar. The comparison done here is based upon information available on the competitor’s website and so the details might vary with the actual product.
  • ManageEngine Log360 is a comprehensive SIEM solution that brings together five of ManageEngine’s most powerful security tools: ADAudit Plus, EventLog Analyzer, O365 Manager Plus, Exchange Reporter Plus, and Cloud Security Plus.

ManageEngine Log360

Features ManageEngine Log360
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IBM QRadar
Log collection
Cross platform log collection    
Heterogeneous device support    
Import logs    
Log filter    
Custom log parser    

(using the DSM Editor)

Log collection rate 20,000 logs/second with peak event handling capacity upto 25,000 logs/second. For Windows event logs the EPS is 2000 logs/second. For local polling, the EPS is 5,000. For remote polling, it is 2,500.
Log formats supported
Windows event log    
Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Instance    
Any format – with custom log parsing and indexing technology    

(using the DSM Editor)

Application logs supported
Proprietary applications
  • Microsoft IIS Web Server
  • FTP Server (W3C logs)
  • Apache Web Server
  • DHCP Windows
  • DHCP Linux
Database applications:
Oracle and MS SQL Server
Any in-house or custom application    
Other devices supported
IBM iSeries (AS/400), And VMware    
Custom devices
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection System/ Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • Anti-virus application
  • Mail and web application
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • Unified threat management solutions
    • Symantec DLP Application
    • FireEye
    • Symantec Endpoint Solution
In-built incident management module    
Custom alerts    
File integrity monitoring    
Canned reports    
Custom reports    
Scheduled reports    
Report distribution via email    
Reports in PDF, CSV, and HTML formats    
Drill down to raw logs    
Filter using mouse gesture    
Management specific reports(Ask ME)    
Trend reports    
Privileged user activity monitoring reports    
Active Directory auditing
Reports for user, computer, group, and OU management    
Reports for auditing other AD object including
  • DNS
  • Permission
  • Schema
  • Contacts
  • Container configuration
  • Domain changes
Reports on attribute value changes (before and after)    
GPO audit reports    
Member server auditing
Summary report for member server changes    
Out-of-the-box reports for
  • Policy changes
  • System events
  • Object management
  • Scheduled tasks
File Integrity Monitoring
Reports on file integrity monitoring    
Report scheduling    
Real-time alerts when critical changes are made to files/folders that are being monitored    
Audit trail on file/folder changes    
Compliance reports
Canned reports    
Customizing existing reports    
Reports for new compliance    

(with an add-on extension)

ISO 27001:2013    

(with an add-on extension)


(with an add-on extension)


(with an add-on extension)


(with an add-on extension)


(with an add-on extension)

Real-time event correlation
Event correlation    
Field-level filters to build correlation rules    
Pre-defined rules to detect various attacks, including ransomware, brute-force and more    
User session monitoring    
Log search
Advanced search using Boolean, wildcards, grouped search, range search, and phrase search    
Formatted logs    
Raw logs    
Save search results as reports and alerts    
Log archival
Flexible log retention    
Secured (Encrypted    
Service Provider feature
User based views    
User based dashboards    
User Management
Realm & user based access    
Active Directory based user authentication    
RADIUS server based user authentication    
Easy to install    
Web based Client    
System Requirements
Bundled database (PostgreSQL/MySQL)   Not specified
Windows & Linux platforms support   Not specified
64 Bit support    
Pricing basis Based on the number of servers, devices & applications Not specified
Subscription model Available Not specified
Perpetual model Available Not specified

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  • CAMH will be able to save close to $26,000 a year on service desk calls related to Active Directory password resets and locked accounts, and will see a return on investment within the first six months of product implementation.

    Judy OlivierProject Manager, CAMH

About ManageEngine Log360

Log360 is a simple yet powerful security information and event management (SIEM) solution that can help enterprises overcome network security challenges and strengthen their cybersecurity posture. The solution helps you mitigate security threats, spot ongoing attack attempts, detect suspicious user activities, and comply with regulatory mandates.

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