Apache Log4j vulnerability

Logging is a fundamental feature of software. A flaw in Log4j, a Java-based logging utility, has been deemed as one of the most high-profile security risks with a severity score of 10/10.

Numerous enterprise applications and open-source applications commonly use Java Apache Log4j. However, the scary part is that it is hard to detect which applications use Log4j due to the way it's implemented and developed.

The Log4j flow allows third-party servers to execute software code remotely, making it easy to perform all kinds of malicious actions on the targeted machine. This opens the door for detrimental damage, by stealing sensitive data, taking control of the affected machine, and installing ransomware that locks the system until the ransom demand has been met.

In this video, we will be covering what the Log4j vulnerability is, how it's exploited, and how you can fix it.

Watch the video to learn more!


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