Log360 - A powerful SIEM tool.

Analyze, detect and mitigate sophisticated security threats.

Recent developments in Log360

We develop product capabilities based on cybersecurity market drivers. Last year, we concentrated on developing capabilities like advanced threat analytics and rich UEBA that can be used to combat the rising number of targeted cyberattacks


Log360's advanced threat analytics module correlates network activities with dynamic global threat feeds to spot intrusions at an early stage. The analytical dashboard provides deep insights into attack indicators such as origin of the attack, the reputation score of the malicious IP/URL address, and more.


The UEBA add-on of Log360 employs machine-learning algorithms to baseline normal user and entity behaviors, accurately detect suspicious activities, and associate risk scores for every user and entity in the network. With risk scoring, it's easier for you to spot persistent and targeted attacks that are otherwise difficult to detect.


Log360's effective incident management system and automated workflow response system can help you remediate threats immediately by containing lateral movement and reducing the impact of attacks.

What makes Log360 stand out


Quick deployment

Log360 takes less than thirty minutes to deploy. Its automatic device discovery features let you quickly add devices in your network for monitoring.


Intuitive security analytics

Log360 comes bundled with over 1,000 prepackaged report templates, interactive dashboards, and alert profiles, all of which cover the basic security, auditing, and compliance needs of most enterprises.


UEBA, powered by machine learning

Quickly spot user behavior anomalies such as abnormal user logons, logon failures, unusual user accesses, and more, with the built-in UEBA engine powered by machine learning.


Advanced threat detection

Log360 reduces attack dwell time by instantly detecting indicators of compromise with its powerful threat intelligence system and real-time correlation engine. Mitigate known attack patterns and set up traps to spot anomalies in real time with the flexible correlation rule wizard and real-time alerting console.


Security orchestration

Log360 can communicate with your other IT fulcrums—like help desk software and Active Directory—providing a holistic approach to IT security. Expedite and ensure accountability in your security incident process by raising tickets in your help desk software for every threat detected in your network.


Coverage for physical, virtual, and cloud environments

We know most enterprise networks are a combination of physical, virtual, and cloud components. So we've equipped Log360 to audit all these platforms. Regardless of if you're using Windows, Linux servers, Hyper-V machines, Azure, Amazon cloud platforms, or even the Salesforce cloud app, Log360 eases security auditing and compliance management for you.

Log360, ManageEngine's flagship SIEM solution, helps enterprises of all sizes detect targeted and persistent attacks along with data breaches with its comprehensive log management module, effective incident detection and response system, powerful forensic analysis engine, and much more. It also helps enterprises comply with IT regulatory mandates and simplify IT security auditing with prebuilt reporting and alerting templates.

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