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We recommend that our users move to the latest version of Log360 5.0 (Build #5030) released on August 08th, 2017.

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  • 5000 to 5025
  1. Fill this form to get the latest service pack 5.0 (Build 5030).

Instructions to apply Service Packs


  • 1
    Before starting the upgrade process, please ensure the availability of enough disk space in Log360 server.
  • 2
    At the time of upgrade, open command prompt with administrative privilege.  [Screenshot]
  • 3
    Please ensure that <Log360 home> directory has read/write permissions.

Upgrade Instructions

  • 1
    Download the required service/upgrade pack file(s) (the *.ppm files).
  • 2
    Shut down the Log360 server or service.
  • 3
    Important: Please take a backup of Log360 server database. Click here to learn the steps to back up the database.
  • 4
    Now start the Log360 UpdateManager located in <Log360 home>/bin directory.

    Please ensure that you are running UpdateManager.bat in the command prompt with administrator privilege. To run as an administrator, execute RunAsAdmin.exe file and then the UpdateManager.bat file in the same command window. Alternatively, you can use the 'Run as Administrator' option by right clicking on the command prompt application in Windows.

  • 5
    Install the service pack: Click 'Browse' to select the upgrade pack file (the .ppm file that you have downloaded), choose 'Install', and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the product.
  • 6
    In case you have to apply more than one service pack, please start the Log360 application after each service pack upgrade and repeat from Step 2.

  Do not interrupt or revert the upgrade process. In case of upgrade failure, please contact Log360 support team.

How do I find my current build number?

  • 1
    Open the Log360 web client.
  • 2
    Click on 'License' on the right side of the top pane.
  • 3
    A pop-up window appears containing details of your Log360 version. You can find the build number from here.
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