Log360 UEBA Release Notes

  • Build 4020 Released on 20 Jun, 2020

    New Features

    1. Alerts: Real-time email notifications can now be sent for detected anomalies and high risk scores.
    2. Global Search: Users can now search across all sections of the UEBA component including reports, settings, and the help documentation for the required details.


    1. Manage Reports: Management of categories, groups, and reports is now easier with the Manage Reports option.
    2. Option to add log level filters to set the severity level for the logs collected.
  • Build 4016 Released on 17 May, 2020


    1. The authentication bypass vulnerability (CVE-2020-24786), identified by Florian Hauser, has now been fixed.
  • Build 4015 Released on 29 April, 2020


    1. Risk score customization: Risk score can now be customized based on the extent of deviation from the baseline of the regular activities of a user, and also the requirements of the organization.
    2. Cloud Security Plus integration: Integrated with Cloud Security Plus to ensure real-time monitoring of your cloud platform.


    1. Enhanced reports page: You can now select the desired device from the drop-down and get advanced reports for them. Additionally, few new reports have also been included.
  • Build 4011 Released on 13 November, 2019

    New Feature

    1. Active Directory-based authentication: Users can now log into the Log360 UEBA console using their Active Directory domain credentials.
  • Build 4010 Released on 23 September, 2019

    New Features

    1. Spot anomalies in AD activities including logons, user activity, account lockouts, and more.
    2. Schedule reports: Reports can be scheduled to be generated at specific intervals and emailed to stakeholders or stored at a specified location.
    3. The UEBA module supports Chinese and Japanese.


    1. The performance of the machine learning algorithms have been enhanced with Redis.
    2. Support of Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database.
    3. The dashboard has been enhanced for better user experience.