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Exchange Online reports

Maintain the overall pristine status and health of your Exchange Online environment with M365 Manager Plus’ reports on the number of inactive mailboxes, the size of each mailbox, mailbox usage statistics, shared mailboxes, public folders, mailbox permission changes, and mail traffic. Exchange Online reports from M365 Manager Plus, the Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, and management component of AD360, our unified IAM solution, provide information on all of this and more.

These reports provide details on all aspects of the Exchange Online environment and can be scheduled and exported as needed, making this Microsoft 365 reporting tool indispensible.

The following categories are included in M365 Manager Plus' Exchange Online reports:

  • Mailbox properties reports: View detailed insight on the properties of all the mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Mailbox size reports: See a comprehensive view of all information pertaining to mailbox size in your organization.
  • Mailbox account status reports: View information on the delegation and connection status of all mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Mailbox content reports: See a detailed overview of the contents of all mailboxes in your organization. Filter mailboxes by various parameters such as the size of folders, message count, mail subject, and attachment file size.
  • Mail traffic reports: Get a comprehensive overview of all mail entering and leaving your organization's Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
  • OWA reports: Monitor all of your users' Outlook Web Access activities.

Benefits of Exchange Online reports from M365 Manager Plus:

Schedule and export

M365 Manager Plus allows you to automatically generate reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and export them to various formats, including CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML. You can also have them delivered straight to your administrators’ inboxes.

Embeddable reports

Embed individual Exchange Online reports into your M365 Manager Plus dashboard or any external webpage or wiki to easily monitor the status of your Exchange Online environment.

Delegate Microsoft 365 reporting

Securely delegate Microsoft 365 reporting tasks to help desk technicians and IT staff without giving them full access to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Create custom reports

M365 Manager Plus also provides built-in filters to trim down your Microsoft Teams reports to show only the required data. You can also save this customization as a separate report, which can be viewed along with other preconfigured reports.

Monitor Exchange Online activities, around-the-clock, with our detailed reports.

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