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Template-based Microsoft 365 management

Managing Microsoft 365 users, mailboxes, contacts, groups in bulk, and delegating bulk management actions to technicians are two ways to reduce time the time spent on Microsoft 365 management and maximize productivity. However, the Microsoft 365 Admin Center lacks the capability to manage Microsoft 365 objects in bulk, and its delegation capability is restricted to default roles. These shortcomings leave IT admins to depend on third-party tools to reduce the time spent on managing these objects.

Management templates

M365 Manager Plus' management templates help to standardize the attributes involved in Microsoft 365 users, mailboxes, groups, contacts creation, and modification processes. These templates help the technicians save a huge amount of time and effort when they don't have to apply the same value to each Microsoft 365 object individually. The management templates provided by M365 Manager Plus come in two categories:

  • Creation templates: Pre-configure all the standard values and settings such as password complexity, microsoft address, group membership, permission to resources, etc., leaving only the variables like user name, personal mobile number, personal address, etc. to the help desk technicians.
  • Modification templates: Define the fields that can be modified by technicians leaving the license, role, MFA, and other crucial settings to the IT admins.

Advantages of M365 Manager Plus' management templates

  • Pre-define values: With the help of creation templates, IT admins can standardize and pre-define certain user and mailbox settings like naming format, mailbox storage limit, Microsoft address, mailbox permissions, license type, and more. The same applies to groups and contacts as well.
    Customize microsoft-365 User Creation Template
  • Regulate modification: With the modification templates, IT admins can regulate the attributes that can be modified by a help desk technician. Only the fields specified in the template can be modified, and the values of those fields need to match the requirements specified. For example, passwords should meet the complexity requirements, the user name should adhere to the specified naming format, and so on.
    Customize microsoft-365 User Modification Template
  • Perform multiple actions from a single window: A typical user, mailbox, or any Microsoft 365 object creation process involves multiple actions to be performed under multiple windows. These actions range from basic profile creation to granting permissions and configuring security settings. Management templates simplify this multi-window process by bringing all the required actions to a single window. 
  • Automate Microsoft 365 management with templates: Use management templates while creating automation policies with M365 Manager Plus. This speeds up your management processes as the templates come with predefined values and automation policies run at specified intervals without any human intervention.   
    microsoft-365 Template Managment Automation
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