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SharePoint Online reports in M365 Manager Plus

SharePoint Online, a platform for collaborating and sharing information with business partners, customers, and employees, requires regular monitoring and auditing to minimize data leaks and compliance violations. The SharePoint Online reports in M365 Manager Plus provide detailed information about SharePoint user activity that includes recently created sites, site statistics, and inactive sites. There are also several other options to view and analyze SharePoint usage reports.

How to get SharePoint Online reports in M365 Manager Plus

  1. Select Management & Reporting from the drop-down menu at the top.
  2. Go to Reports → Other Services → SharePoint Reports.

SharePoint Online reports in M365 Manager Plus

SharePoint site usage reports

The reports in this category offer an overall view of SharePoint Online sites in your organization, the list of active sites, inactive sites, site statistics, and more.

  • All Sites: Lists out all the SharePoint sites in your Microsoft 365 tenant with their name, site URL, created time, and last modified time.
  • Recently Created Sites: Lists out the details of sites that have recently been created. You can choose the Period, which allows you to select the period of data you would like to view in your report, including from today, yesterday, the last seven days, or the last 30 days.
  • Recently Modified Sites: Fetches the details of sites that were recently modified.
  • Site Statistics: Lists sites with details on the total number of files and folders available.
  • Site with No Lists: Displays information about sites that do not have any lists.
  • Site with No Subsites: Displays information about sites that do not have any subsites.
  • Site with No Document Library: Lists the sites that do not have a document library.
  • Inactive Sites: Shows all the sites that have not been modified in the past specified number of days. The report will also show you the last date a particular site was modified.

Why choose M365 Manager Plus for SharePoint Online reporting

Schedule reports: Schedule specific reports to be generated at custom time intervals on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can choose to be notified when the reports are generated, and have them delivered straight to your inbox.

Export reports: Access reports offline or print them for later use by exporting to CSV, PDF, XLSX, and HTML formats.

Create custom reports: M365 Manager Plus also provides built-in filters to trim down your SharePoint Online reports to show only the required data. You can also save this customization as a separate report, which can be viewed along with other preconfigured reports.

Embed and publish reports: Embed your reports and dashboards across websites, wikis, and applications for a wider audience. Publish reports to make them accessible via local LAN.

Get preconfigured reports with insights on all facets of SharePoint

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