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We are excited to bring forth a range of powerful features, improved security, and seamless integration with the Android platform. As a solution certified by Android Enterprise, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP takes charge of effectively managing your fleet of Android devices. Whether it's enforcing policies, managing applications, troubleshooting, or enhancing security, we've got you covered every step of the way.

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MDM features for complete mobile device management

Organizations that have adopted enterprise mobility use either corporate or personally-owned (BYOD) devices for accessing corporate data. To ensure enhanced productivity and maintain corporate data security, these organizations must deploy a solution or software with mobile device management features.

Mobile device management (MDM) is the process of managing a mobile device through it's entire lifecycle in an enterprise. A complete mobile device management solution enables administrators to optimize the functionality of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, while securing their enterprise from threats. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP has all the comprehensive mobile device management features that helps you manage all aspects of your mobile devices, from basic configurations to more advanced security settings. With a single, straightforward interface, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP takes the guesswork out of MDM.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP (ManageEngine MDM) Features

Device enrollment

The first step in bringing all employees' mobile devices under your control is to enroll them into your company's network. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP makes this first step a breeze by providing a number of simplified enrollment options:

  1. Personal device enrollment for users (BYOD):
    • Self-enrollment: Allows users to enroll devices on their own
    • Enrollment by invite: Allows users to enroll devices after accepting an invitation sent by the admin

    • Bulk enrollment via CSV file: Upload a CSV file containing details of the devices you would like to manage

  2. Enroll corporate-owned devices:

  3. Authenticate enrollment with a one-time pass code and/or with users' Active Directory credentials

Profile management

Configure and set up various policies around devices to secure corporate resources. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP allows you to create and publish profiles on one device or a group of devices.

  1. Allow or restrict employees from using certain device features: Impose and enforce policies on mobile devices to optimize device usage and secure data.

  2. Provide access to corporate accounts: Grant access to email, Wi-Fi, VPN, and other kinds of corporate accounts for convenience and security.

  3. Group devices to streamline policy distribution: Group devices based on department, location, and more.

Mobile asset management and reports

Tracking and analyzing asset information helps organizations protect sensitive corporate information. With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, you can:

  1. Audit device compliance: Scan devices to ensure they are compliant with company policy.

  2. Receive a summary of applications installed on each device: See granular details about the apps running on managed devices.

  3. Generate reports anytime: Having reports ready when you need them comes in handy, especially during audits. Obtain predefined or customized reports immediately or at a scheduled time.

  4. In instances where any important information needs to be conveyed to users, or to request users to take any actions on devices, or inform users about an important meeting, etc, admins can use the Announcements tool from MDM to remotely send a notification-like message to convey the required information. MDM will even notify the admin when the user acknowledges the message, which can be categorized into these types, Alert, Information related, Warning, or Announcement. These can be used based on the organization's priority.

Intuitive dashboard

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP' easy-to-use dashboard lends itself to a shallow learning curve. What's more, the adaptable design is suited for managing mobile devices quickly, providing you features such as:

  1. Unified mobile device status view: Manage your devices from a single window with quick links.

  2. An overall summary of useful details: Take immediate action based on the data presented.

Role-based access control

Proactive management is the best kind of management. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP lets you define roles that best suit your requirements and grant appropriate permissions for specific IT admins. You can delegate routine activities to particular users with well-defined permission levels, thereby specifying your IT admins' scope of management to a particular set of devices.

Why is mobile device management (MDM) important?

It is a well known fact that more and more employees are using mobile devices to get work done. Mobile devices enable greater mobility, faster responses, and higher productivity. On the other hand, they also present new challenges in areas such as compatibility, security, access, and device management.

Organizations have to keep a close eye on the devices being used in their network, regardless of whether they are company-owned or personal devices (BYOD). The most optimal method of ensuring this is by deploying solution that provides extensive MDM features. 

Why partnering with Android Enterprise matters

Android Enterprise management is crucial in organizations, providing mobility, flexibility, and a wide range of applications for the increased productivity of BYODs and corporate devices without compromising security. ManageEngine's Android-certified expertise ensures quick issue resolution, efficient customization, enhanced security, and ongoing support for seamless device management.

Accelerate device management with advanced features:

Streamline your device management operations and maximize the potential of Android Enterprise within your organization by gaining quick access to efficient device management capabilities enabled by our team of Android-Enterprise-certified experts.

Maximize the ease of use with deeper integrations

Leverage our REST APIs and integrate your store and custom-built business applications with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP. This enables seamless device enrollment, policy enforcement, and remote management along with all the capabilities of the integrated app—all within the same console.

Elevate device management with expert support

Simplify Android device management with our expert guidance, best practices, reliable support, and access to the latest device management updates and strategies. All of these allow you to benefit from effective implementation, optimal performance, and a future-proof Android Enterprise deployment.

Enhanced Android Enterprise management: Explore the feature-rich capabilities of Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP through our unified console

Bulk enrollment

Choose from multiple bulk, over-the-air enrollment methods to quickly and efficiently enroll multiple devices, saving IT administrators' time and effort.

Work profile management

Create a secure, isolated space on Android devices for business data and applications, enabling productivity and BYOD flexibility in the workplace.

Device restrictions

Exercise precise control over Android devices by implementing specific limitations on functionalities and settings, guaranteeing compliance, data security, and a consistent user experience.

An Active Directory integration

Integrate active directory with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP for seamless device enrollment and secure access control, optimizing organization mobility and ensuring comprehensive device management.

Kiosk mode

Transform Android devices into specialized, locked-down environments tailored to frontline usage, self-service kiosks, or digital signage, ensuring a focused, controlled user experience.

App blocklisting

Safeguard corporate integrity by restricting and blocking selected applications on Android devices, thereby promoting compliance, preventing unauthorized usage, and maintaining a secure, productive work environment.

Remote lock

Remotely, quickly, and securely lock devices in the event of loss or theft, instantly restricting unauthorized access.

Audits and reports

Generate customized reports to gain comprehensive insights into devices and user activities.

Remote wipe

Remotely erase corporate data to ensure data privacy and mitigate risks.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP for Android Enterprise Management

When it comes to Android Enterprise management, having the right device management strategies in place is crucial for effective oversight of mobile devices in the workplace. With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, organizations can navigate and implement various management approaches to tailor their device management strategies to their unique needs. Let's explore how Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP helps with different management approaches:

Work profile management

Exclusively manage only the corporate side of things on personal devices under a BYOD policy as well as on Company Owned/Personally Enabled devices.

  • Create a dedicated work profile to effectively separate personal and corporate data.
  • Sandbox corporate apps and data and manage them within this virtual container, letting personal files remain private.
  • Implement security restrictions (like passwords) and DLP restrictions (like a remote lock, corporate wipe, and lost mode) on this containerized workspace to keep sensitive corporate data protected from security threats.
  • Wipe only the corporate data when needed, leaving personal files intact.

Full device management

Efficiently manage corporate devices to ensure the organization has full control over them with adherence to organizational policies and guidelines.

  • Provision each device so that you have full control and management over the entire device.
  • Implement comprehensive security policies, including passcodes and restrictions on factory resets.
  • Configure advanced security features, such as Exchange ActiveSync and VPN connectivity.
  • Perform a complete wipe of the device in the event of loss or compromise, ensuring data protection.

Dedicated device management

Lock down dedicated devices to a single app (or a set of apps), enabling them to perform specific employee or customer-facing functions.

  • Enforce policies to restrict the device to a single app or a set of apps within kiosk mode.
  • Configure settings to establish additional control and customization of the device.
  • Continuously monitor and audit the device to ensure compliance with security standards.
  • Remotely manage and troubleshoot the dedicated devices for seamless administration.

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We just recently upgraded about 100 devices, and the fact that you can set groups and policies and push content and apps to the devices automatically reduced 80% of the migration time, where it would have taken weeks to complete this task without an MDM. The geofencing and location tracking are also bonuses.

LJ H. Operations assistant, Construction

I really like how easy it is to deploy and have devices set up and ready for users. I can have a new phone set up for a user in under seven minutes, and most of that time is me having to get all the apps set up to work with our systems.

Josh M. IT specialist, Business supplies and equipment

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