Knox Device Enrollment

Enrolling and managing Knox devices has become all that easy, where you can complete the enrollment process even without a single touch. Yes, Knox Mobile enrollment program allows you to enroll devices, apply restrictions and distribute Apps when the device is boot up for the first time. User will have nothing to do with the enrollment process where the complete process is automated. This document will explain you on the steps involved to get it accomplished.

We have made your job simpler!

Learn how to perform out-of-the-box Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment using MDM, in under 5 minutes through this demo video.

There are 2 stages in Knox Device Enrollment, they are  

Creating Knox Account

You will have to create a Knox account. Creating a Knox account will integrate ME MDM with Samsung Knox and enroll the devices during boot up.  To create a Knox account, refer this.

Enroll Devices by Uploading Device Details

After creating a Knox account, you will have to upload a csv file with the details of the device, like IMEI & Serial number initiate the enrollment process. Refer this or this to know more about the steps involved in this process. You will have to update below listed details of ME MDM, during the enrollment process :

You can locate it in the product UI, by navigating to this location: Enrollment ->Knox Mobile Enrollment, under Android in the left pane.  You have successfully completed the enrollment process. All the devices will be enrolled automatically and ME MDM App will be distributed to all the devices during the first time, the device is boot up/set up.

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