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Azure Active Directory reports

O365 Manager Plus provides an easy way to access information in the Azure Active Directory. Gain visibility and knowledge on users, groups, contacts, and licensing with the exhaustive preconfigured reports from O365 Manager Plus.

Learn about inactive, deleted, and licensed users; security and distribution groups; soon to expire licenses; and more, so you can make quick decisions and manage your Azure AD effectively. The reports can be scheduled and exported to CSV, PDF, XLS, or HTML format. They can also be embedded in the desired page for easy sharing.

Reports on Azure AD are included in one of the following three categories:

All users report:

Gives an overview of all the users present in the Office 365 environment. Get a list of all user details including first name, user principal name, office, phone number, and more.

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Inactive Exchange users report

Retrieves the details of users who haven't logged in to Exchange Online in a specified amount of time. It also gives information on the last logon time and how many days since then to help you determine which user licenses must be reassigned.

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Distribution groups report:

Lists the distribution groups present in your Office 365 setup. Easily find email IDs, managers, last directory sync times, and more so you can decide whether to add or delete distribution groups.

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Security groups report:

Provides a detailed list of all security groups in your Office 365 environment so you can assign permission to resources in such a way that they don't fall into the wrong hands.

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License details report:

Provides details on the license packs purchased for the corresponding Office 365 account, including the details of valid, expired, and assigned units.

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Soon-to-expire license report:

Lists all users, whose licenses will expire within a specified number of days so you can renew licenses on time and avoid bottlenecks.

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