Change Name/IP/Port Number of Central Server


You want to update a new DNS name/ip and port number of the Central Server in the agents (Client Computers) that are already installed


You have moved your Central Server to another machine which has a different name/ip and port number.


You can change the following in the Agents that have been already installed:

  • The Name or the IP Address of the Central Server
  • The HTTP and HTTPS ports that are used by the Agents to communicate with the Server
  • The mode of the communication as HTTP or HTTPS

To change the values,

  1. For Windows - Download the configureUEMSServerCommunication.txt and rename it to configureUEMSAgentServerCommunication.vbs.
    For Mac - Download the configureUEMSServerCommunication_mac.txt and rename it to
    For Linux - Download the configureUEMSAgentServerCommunication_linux.txt and rename it to
  2. Copy the script to the client computers where the agent is installed.
  3. Open a command prompt/terminal.
  4. Execute the command given below:

    For Windows - cscript configureUEMSAgentServerCommunication.vbs <UEMSServerName> <UEMSServer IP Address> <UEMSServer HTTP Port> <UEMSServer HTTPS Port> <UEMSServerAgent Comm Protocol>

    Example: cscript configureUEMSAgentServerCommunication.vbs 8020 8383 http

    For Mac - sudo ./ <UEMSServerName> <UEMSServer IP Address> <UEMSServer HTTP Port> <UEMSServer HTTPS Port> <UEMSServerAgent Comm Protocol>

    Example: sudo ./ 8020 8383 http 

    For Linux - sudo ./ <server_name> <server_ip> <http_port> <'http'/'https'> 

    Example - sudo ./ 8020 http